Men and Women Need Different Drug Doses to Overcome Pain

Men and Women Need Different Drug Doses to Overcome Pain

Men and Women Need Different Drug Doses to Overcome Pain


When you feel pain or pain in one part of your body, maybe you will immediately take medication to deal with the pain you feel. Whether it's toothache, stomach ache, or other body aches, painkillers can be relied upon to make you more comfortable.

But did you know that it turns out that women and men have different ways of dealing with their pain, so that each requires a different dose of medicine? How did this happen? Here is the explanation.

Women experience chronic pain more often

In fact, not a few people often experience chronic pain. At least 1 in 4 people in the world experience chronic pain. In addition, it is also known that chronic pain is more experienced by women than men. One reason is because some conditions that can cause chronic pain, only occur in women, such as endometriosis and pain during menstruation or menstruation.

Most of those who feel chronic pain will use drugs to deal with the pain they experience. However, a new study states that women need more drugs than men. The study was published in the Journal of Neuroscience stating that women and men have different responses to pain.

Women need a dose of pain medication that is greater than men

The results of the study found that women turned out to need doses of morphine 2-3 times higher than men, even if the type of pain and pain felt by the two groups were the same. Although not known with certainty, the researchers concluded that this was related to the structure and function of the brain that differed between women and men.

So here it is, in your brain and spinal cord there are cells called microglia. As many as 10-15% of microglia cells are present in the brain. This cell serves to protect all nervous systems, whether the brain or spinal cord, from attacks of foreign substances, viruses, or bacteria. Yes, indeed microglia cells can be considered as a form of defense of your body.

These microglia cells are owned by everyone, but what makes them different is the way the cell faces the pain signals it receives. From these studies it is known that microglia cells owned by women are more active in responding to pain than men. This makes women need painkillers a little more than men.

In addition, in another study it was mentioned that men produce faster fight-or-flight responses than women. This response makes the body become more alert, alert, and strong in facing the pain that arises.

Don't arbitrarily add a dose of medicine without the doctor's approval

Although the results of the study say that women need more pain medication, it does not mean you may take painkillers based on your own calculations and not according to the rules of use. Until now, further research is still needed to prove whether there are differences in doses of painkillers between women and men.

Then, if you experience pain, you may take medicine but it must be in accordance with the rules of use in the packaging or advice from your doctor. If indeed the pain that you feel does not go away, you should consult your doctor to determine your health condition for sure.

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