Married a man who is a much older age? This is a Plus Minus Consideration

Married a man who is a much older age? This is a Plus Minus Consideration

Married a man who is a much older age? This is a Plus Minus Consideration


Married a man who is a much older age? This is a Plus Minus Consideration

Generally the age gap between couples that is 10 years apart is still considered normal by the community. So it is not surprising that the decision taken by a woman to marry a man who is much older is often a nosy conversation. Even though there are no clear limits about the absolute age difference and ideal for establishing a relationship. Regardless of age, there are many other considerations that make a woman want to marry an older man. Anything?

What awaits your new life as a much older male companion of life

1. More experienced in life

Increasing age, usually will make someone more mature. You who choose to marry an older man do not need to hesitate anymore about the back of the heart and the principle of life, because middle-aged men have a mindset that is more mature and wise so they can provide comfort and security.

They don't like trivial conflicts or anger is not clear. They are quite good at behaving and regulating their emotions and moods. They also tend to demand less often, because they see the world with a more realistic view.

Not only that, adult men are also careful in making their choices. The reason is that they have eaten quite a lot of salt-acid life either in his career, knowledge, or life experience. Therefore, they can also be "fathers" who can give advice or advice regarding the problems you are facing or just sharing stories.

2. Financially safer

In general, you don't need to worry too much about financial problems if you decide to marry a man who is much older. Most of them already have established careers and finances, therefore they are also able to support other dependents.

However, it certainly does not mean you are married only tempted by the temptation of material abundance so that you no longer have to bother thinking about apartment or car installments. You have to remember that what they have right now is because men like them are smart and hard working men.

3. More romantic

Many women choose older couples because they are considered more committed, more loyal, more patient, more emotionally stable, and understand how to treat a woman well who can make you feel loved.

Kidnapped from the man's point of view, they feel comfortable with younger women because the woman he married is able to bring up the feeling of 'returning to youth'. That is why most mature men are ready to flood their partners with romantic things. It is believed, men with a more mature age will also be more serious to build relationships with women of their choice.

Get ready for these three things if you want to marry an older man

1. It might feel a little awkward

Not everyone can sometimes get the sight of "young women marrying middle-aged men" with positive thoughts. Cultural differences can also influence people's judgment about whether or not the age range of a married couple is fair or not.

Therefore, be prepared with strange sneers and gazes from people around when you decide to marry an older man. However, try not to worry too much about other people's opinions. As long as you both sincerely love each other and your marriage is not based on coercion and does not violate the law, it doesn't matter.

2. Dominate the relationship

The longer a person lives in the world, the more salt acid life has passed. The number of life experiences affects the strength of one's character to some extent. However, this can turn into dominance in a relationship. Not surprisingly, men are more in control, than small things such as determining where to eat to big things like determining the career of their partners.

This attitude is often associated with possessiveness which can haunt your relationship. Men who dominate believe that women must follow and do things according to their common good. Especially if you don't complain about your husband's dominance, this condition is certainly not ideal for the future of a relationship.

3. Sex and hereditary problems

Planning a pregnancy with a male partner who is old enough has its own risks. After the age of 35 years, male fertility tends to decrease so you may be relatively more difficult to get pregnant.

Even though 70 or even 80 years old even though men can still and may have children, it still takes longer to be able to fertilize their partners. Even for years.

This is motivated by a variety of aging-related conditions, such as decreased testosterone and sperm quality, sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and difficulty orgasm, to an increased risk of certain medical conditions such as diabetes that can affect the quality of sexual relations and ultimately fertility opportunities. p>

The age range of a woman can also influence. Assuming that women are of any age, the chances of women getting pregnant quickly are reported to be smaller when their partners are 5 years older than when their partners have the same age.

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