Making Love Too Much Makes Pregnant Difficulties, Myths Or Facts?

Making Love Too Much Makes Pregnant Difficulties, Myths Or Facts?

Making Love Too Much Makes Pregnant Difficulties, Myths Or Facts?


Making Love Too Much Makes Pregnant Difficulties, Myths Or Facts?

For newlyweds who are in love, there's no such thing as making love too often. Every day can be a perfect day to establish intimacy through sex. However, if a husband and wife are hoping for a baby, too much love may have an impact on the chances of his wife's pregnancy.

Getting a pregnancy is not an easy thing. Those of you who are trying to get pregnant must have heard many myths about fertility and sex. You also have to be extra careful not to believe in the wrong myth. Then, how about making love too often? Is it true that too often making love makes it difficult for you to get pregnant? To find out the answer, see the following complete information.

Is it true that making love every day reduces sperm count?

Some people assume that the more often couples make love, the greater the likelihood of conception and pregnancy in the wife. However, in the past, experts believed that having sex too often could affect the number of sperm that could fertilize an egg. They will advise couples to rest for one day to give time for sperm production. This is what causes many people to believe making love too often will make the wife difficult to get pregnant.

However, what experts in ancient times believed turned out to be mere myths. Making love every day will not reduce the number of male sperm, causing infertility or difficulty getting pregnant. In a healthy and fertile husband, sperm will still be produced by the body naturally and will not run out. An obstetrician from the United States, Dr. Sharon Winer revealed that married couples who are trying a pregnancy need not worry if they make love frequently. Precisely, preferably in the fertile period husband and wife increase the frequency of making love more often than usual.

Aside from not reducing sperm count, the head of The Reproductive Sciences Center, Dr. Samuel Woods also stated that frequent sex would not reduce sperm quality. Sperm produced by men who make love every day and who make love three times a week showed no difference in terms of health and fertility of sperm cells. Precisely sperm that are not too long stored in the body can last longer and move faster to the uterus to make fertilization. If sperm has been produced in the body but it is not released through ejaculation, the quality will decrease. However, if you are really worried about the quality or production of your sperm, you should immediately consult a health worker.

The impact of too often having sex

Although too much love doesn't affect the number and quality of male sperm, experts admit that there are side effects that might occur if you and your partner who are trying to get pregnant often have sex.

If you and your partner really want your baby in the near future, having sex every day or many times a day will put you under pressure and lose your passion. Sex that should be romantic and intimate turns into routine and obligation. As a result, you and your partner can be more difficult to be aroused and fertilize. In addition, according to Dr. Steven Goldstein from New York University School of Medicine too often making love with high demands can be stressful. Stress that appears will affect the balance of hormones in the body. This has the potential to make pregnancy more difficult.

How many times should you love to get pregnant quickly?

There is no formula that can ascertain the number of times couples have to have sex while trying a pregnancy. If you make love once or more in a day, remember to continue to enjoy these intimate moments with your partner, not to be a burden. You can create a romantic atmosphere such as installing aromatherapy candles or using sex toys so that you and your partner are not too tense.

Remember that the success of conception is influenced by many factors. So, you also have to pay attention to these other factors. Things to consider include balanced nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, making love with a position that supports conception like a missionary, as well as your fertile period and your partner.


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