List of High Flavonoids Healthy Foods, Antioxidants Antidote for Various Diseases

List of High Flavonoids Healthy Foods, Antioxidants Antidote for Various Diseases

List of High Flavonoids Healthy Foods, Antioxidants Antidote for Various Diseases


List of High Flavonoids Healthy Foods, Antioxidants Antidote for Various Diseases

Flavonoids are one of the many antioxidants contained in chocolate. The antioxidant itself works to ward off free radicals in the body. Free radicals are suspected to be the cause of various chronic diseases. Wondering what are the benefits of flavonoids, and where can you get these antioxidants? Here's the review.

A myriad of benefits of flavonoids for body health

As explained above, flavonoids are part of the antioxidants found in food. If it continues to be allowed to accumulate, free radicals can cause damage to the DNA and cells that are healthy and cause balance disorders in the body.

This damage can then trigger various diseases. Ranging from arthritis, heart disease, atherosclerosis, stroke, hypertension, gastric ulcer, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, cancer, to causing premature aging. Antioxidants work to neutralize the destructive properties of free radicals so that they can prevent these diseases,

In addition to the various advantages above, there are a myriad of other extraordinary benefits of flavonoids for your body, including:

  • Helps the body absorb vitamin C better
  • Helps prevent and /or treat allergies, viral infections, arthritis, and certain inflammatory conditions.
  • Can repair cells damaged by free radicals.
  • Can improve mood swings caused by mood disorders to depression.
  • Reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, but this still needs further research.

List of foods containing flavonoids

Fruits and vegetables are a high food source of flavonoids that are good for you. Then, what food sources contain many flavonoids?

  • Rosella. Rosella extract is believed to be good for treating high cholesterol, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes.
  • Apple. In apples there is a flavonoid called quercetin which can prevent heart attacks, prevent cataracts, control asthma, and accelerate recovery of acid reflux.
  • Red wine is rich in flavonoids which can reduce the risk of heart disease. If you don't drink alcohol, you can get the same benefits of flavonoids from eating fresh purple grapes. This flavonoid content is found in grape skin.
  • Soursop. Soursop fruit is rich in phenol (a type of flavonoid), potassium, vitamin C, and E which is said to be efficacious for treating several diseases such as cancer and hypertension. Antioxidants in soursop can also help ward off free radicals.
  • Wheat is high in Vitamin C, oxalic acid, tannins, amino acids, and flavonoids which are believed to be useful for treating hypertension, high cholesterol, cancer, and diabetes. But be careful not to say that most starfruit because this fruit contains a lot of oxalic acid which can trigger kidney stones or worsen the condition of acute kidney failure if consumed mostly.
  • Soybeans. One source of high flavonoids is found in soybeans. Some studies suggest that soybeans are thought to be beneficial in preventing breast cancer, help reduce high blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol, and help relieve menopausal symptoms. But the benefits of this one flavonoids still need further investigation.

In addition, flavonoids are also found in many food sources or other drinks such as green tea, oranges, bitter melon, herbs, and seeds.

It's better to consume flavonoids from fresh foods than through drug supplements

The benefits of flavonoids will have a greater effect if consumed in its natural form, not consumed in supplement form. There is not enough strong medical evidence to support that flavonoid supplements are truly beneficial.

Moreover, a fairly high dose of flavonoids in most supplement products can actually harm health, especially for pregnant and lactating women and children. Flavonoid levels that are outside the reasonable limits can enter the placenta which can turn negative impact on the growth of the fetus in the womb. To be safer, consult your doctor before trying any consumption of supplements during pregnancy.

However, regardless of what form of flavonoids you get (whether natural forms of food or from supplements), you still need to be careful when taking certain drugs. Flavonoids can interact with several drugs. For example, the content of naringenin flavonoids in grapefruit is proven to interfere with drug performance.

Consult further with your doctor to get the best advice.

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