Like to eat while lying down? These are 3 Dangers for Health

Like to eat while lying down? These are 3 Dangers for Health

Like to eat while lying down? These are 3 Dangers for Health


It seems that nothing can beat the pleasure of eating while lying down while watching TV after getting tired of going home from work. Investigate has a suggestion, eating habits while lying down are not only done by the generation of mager.

Eating while lying down was already done by the ancient Roman nobility as a sign of power and luxury. They eat while lying down during orgies or political symposiums, while beautiful ladies serve them. Approximately, these nobles know no, if eating while lying down is dangerous for health?

Eating while lying down makes stomach acid go up

Feeding while lying down is a risk factor for gastric acid reflux (GERD). Gastric acid reflux is a condition of indigestion that can cause acidity in the mouth and burning sensation in the chest.

Between the esophagus and the stomach there is a valve that functions as a traffic regulator for food movements, and its work is influenced by gravity. When you eat while lying down, the gravitational force will loosen the valve causing the digestive acid in the stomach to flow back into the esophagus. Gastric acid can erode the lining of the esophagus and cause sores in the esophagus, and this can cause pain or difficulty swallowing. Gastric acid that leaks into the esophagus can also spread to the respiratory tract and also the ENT organs (ears, nose, throat).

In addition, lying down can cause you to cough, wheeze, hiccup and /or even choke up vomit in the esophagus - the risk can be fatal.

Eating while lying down makes your stomach feel

Our posture at meals greatly affects how well we digest food.

Usually the body carefully regulates this process. When you eat while sitting, your upper abdomen will expand to adjust to the amount of food swallowed. After the food reaches the stomach, the pyloric sphincter starts its job to control the flow of food. This starts with just allowing a small sample of molos to enter the small intestine, like a wave test. After this test, the body can control how quickly the remaining food in the stomach flows to the intestine.

According to Valeur, senior resident at Diaconale Lovisenberg Hospital, the speed of work of the digestive system will depend on the contents of the stomach. "If it's only water, it will certainly be digested quickly. But if it consists of a lot of fat, the intestine takes a long time to digest, "reported from Nordic Science.

Eating while lying down slows down the movement of food to get to the stomach after being swallowed so that over time it accumulates, which eventually slows down the digestive system. The stress received by the digestive system makes the abdominal wall stiff, which increases pressure on the lower abdomen. As a result, this large pressure pushes food into pressing the gastric valve gate, which allows leakage of more "food samples" that should be received by the intestine. This, said Valeur, can cause feelings of discomfort after eating.

Sleeping while eating includes bad eating habits

When you eat while lying down, it's not only the risk of choking or choking that you have to worry about, but also your weight. When you eat while lying down and preoccupied with other activities, watching TV for example, you cannot measure how many calories you swallow. This causes you to probably overeat your satiety without realizing it. Eating large portions at once is an unhealthy eating habit that you should avoid.

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