It's the Difference between Android Owner Personality and iPhone Owner

It's the Difference between Android Owner Personality and iPhone Owner

It's the Difference between Android Owner Personality and iPhone Owner


What type of cellphone are you currently using? Android smartphone or iPhone? The choice to use one type of smartphone depends on each taste. There are those who prefer Android smartphones because they are affordable and easy to use, while the iPhone is also no less popular because of its good design. But, do you know regardless of taste, the choice of the type of cellphone you use turns out to be related to personality? Then what is the personality of Android and iPhone users?

Android and iPhone users have different personality traits

This conclusion about personality differences based on smartphone usage emerged from a study conducted by Lancaster University psychologists. When conducting the study, the researchers invited 529 participants who had an age range of 15-74 years. Of all the study participants, it was found that there were around 59% of Android users and 41% of people using an iPhone. Then, all participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire containing questions regarding the use of their smartphone so far.

From the questionnaire, the researchers wanted to measure the level of honesty, emotion, the nature of openness (extrovert), friendliness, thoroughness, and whether to consider smartphones as merely objects to improve social status.

Then what are the results of this study? At the end of the study, the psychologists found personality differences between Android smartphone users and iPhones.

Android smartphone user personality

The results of the study state that respondents who use Android smartphones tend to have the following personalities:

  • More honest compared to iPhone users.
  • More friendly.
  • But tends to break the rules for personal gain.
  • Not too concerned with social status.

Personality of iPhone-based smartphone users

Unlike the personality of the group of people who use Android, iPhone users tend to have properties like:

  • Be more open to the environment and new experiences.
  • Tends to view their mobile as an object of social status.
  • Don't care about devices that are popular at the time and avoid similarities in cellphone use with those around them.

In this study it is also known that Android users are more dominated by men, while iPhone users are almost more than half are women. According to researchers, more women use their cellphones to call, chat, take and edit photos. While most men use their smartphones to play games or watch more videos. In addition, the age range of Android users is older compared to iPhone users who are still relatively young.

How accurate is personality analysis based on the choice of smartphone?

Psychologists indeed state that the choice of a smartphone can predict how a person is. But in this case, research that supports the personality that has been found is still very little. Therefore research and other scientific evidence is needed in order to find out more definite results.

Not only that, the use of an Android smartphone or iPhone in the study, it may not be based on the willingness of each participant, so it cannot describe their personality with certainty. Even so, the researchers say if these findings are important and hope to be further developed.

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