Is Safe Running Sports for Diabetics?

Is Safe Running Sports for Diabetics?

Is Safe Running Sports for Diabetics?


Moving your body and being physically active is one lifestyle that must be carried out consistently by people with diabetes. By moving, the number of calories that come out in the body is expected to be the same as the number of calories entered so as to minimize the possibility of excess fat which will lead to increased blood sugar levels in the body. Running can be an alternative for diabetics to move their bodies.

Running is known to burn large amounts of calories. However, is it safe to run for diabetics? Is this sport allowed for them? In fact, running can help diabetics control the amount of blood sugar. This is due to an increase in the body's sensitivity to insulin. That way, patients with diabetes can reduce the risk of insulin injection throughout their lives.

Running exercise for diabetics: beware of hypoglycemia

Even though it is an ideal sport, diabetics still have to pay attention to some important things when running. The occurrence of a large calorie burning when running can result in a person vulnerable to the threat of hypoglycemia aka a decrease in blood sugar levels. High-intensity exercise, such as running, can burn enough calories. Lack of calories causes the body to no longer have fat reserves that can be converted into glucose to provide energy throughout the body. Wrong-wrong, instead of being healthy, you can even suffer loss of consciousness because of too low sugar levels in the body.

For diabetics, it is very important to bring a small snack that can raise blood sugar levels quickly in anticipation when blood sugar drops below normal, including when exercising. Another thing that must also be considered before doing physical activity, especially running exercise for diabetics is to do a blood sugar test. Make sure that your blood sugar is within the safe threshold for exercise.

If your blood sugar is at a fairly low number, which is below 70 mg /dL you should consume as much as 15 grams of carbohydrates before starting exercise. The choices you have can be in the form of apples or a piece of bread. That allows you to have enough carbohydrate reserves before your calories are burned.

Even so, don't neglect high blood sugar before you do exercise assuming it will drop by itself when calorie burning occurs while exercising. When you find your blood sugar high, you should wait until the numbers become more stable at normal rates or you can eat foods that contain protein one hour before starting exercise.

Safe running even though it's diabetes

Running burns a lot of calories. That is why it is important for diabetics to pay attention to a number of things in order to avoid the after-effects that might be caused afterwards, such as hypoglycemia and injury to the foot.

Always inform your family or colleagues when you want to do this activity. It would be more ideal if you have a running partner who can help you if unexpected negative impacts arise. Also prepare food or drinks that contain sugar that is easily absorbed, such as sweets or sweet tea. If you experience hypoglycemia, immediately consume these foods /drinks to restore your blood sugar levels to normal.

The choice of footwear to be used also needs special attention. Since diabetics are very susceptible to injury, especially in the legs, make sure that you have chosen the most comfortable footwear for you to use. Choosing the right footwear will prevent you from the possibility of a wound that is difficult to cure.

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