Is it true that the longer the relationship, love will fade?

Is it true that the longer the relationship, love will fade?

Is it true that the longer the relationship, love will fade?


Is it true that the longer the relationship, love will fade?

For those of you who have been in a relationship for a long time with your partner, you must have often heard comments, "Don't get bored, bro?". After having a romantic relationship for a long time, the thrill of passionate love will indeed decrease, not like at the beginning when you first met. However, is it true that love fades with time?

Based on the research conducted, it turns out that the quality of a relationship can affect the level of love itself, not the short or length of the relationship. Relationships that are not accompanied by obsession actually bring satisfaction and a sense of love, even for long-term relationships. Even based on research conducted on couples who live happily, the longer their relationship, it turns out the higher the sense of affection and commitment between partners.

Research is also conducted on separating couples and it turns out that a very surprising fact is that there is a decrease in satisfaction and commitment, but not in terms of love levels (even if they decide to separate, their love levels remain the same). p>

The length of a relationship cannot be the only benchmark

A relationship must be based on love between the two parties. If only one of the parties dominates or only one of the parties seeks the relationship, then of course the relationship cannot develop. So actually how long you have been in a relationship that is not so influential, as long as both parties are equally committed to supporting each other.

In addition, a lack of mutual respect and lack of trust in a partner can make love fade.

The existence of problems in relationships that are not resolved properly will also affect the level of love. For example, if there is a problem, you are cranky and don't want to talk about it, just hope that your partner understands the meaning and contents of your mind. This certainly will not produce a way out, just making frustration so long after love fades.

In essence, there are many factors that influence the level of love someone has towards their partner. So, having had a long relationship does not necessarily make love just fade away. There must be other factors that you need to think about and talk about with your partner.

How do you maintain love if you have been in a relationship for a long time?

The key to maintaining love, especially if you have had a long relationship, is to maintain trust in your partner and also self-confidence. Both of these can produce a feeling of calm and not make you overwhelmed with jealousy and worries about cheating or other things your partner might do.

The reason is that many people who are in a relationship become more possessive and tend to control their partners. In fact, this desire to always control and control the couple can cause love to fade.

Try to always be there, when your partner has trouble. Listen to the complaints, or if the couple is not wanting to tell at length, show that you are with him and want to accompany him. If both of you can apply this, then comfort and trust in your relationship can also increase, even if you don't realize it.

In addition to applying the keys described above, you and your partner can also do a number of things that can build romance with your partner, including:

  • Try to be warm and respectful of your partner, even if you are in a bad mood or when fighting.
  • Be open to your partner and be a good listener.
  • Give small surprises that can show that your partner is a special person in your life.
  • Spend quality time with your partner, even if only for a short time.
  • Give support to your partner when he has difficulty.
  • Do new things so that relationships don't feel boring. For example, together try a new type of sport or join volunteer in a community.

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