Is it true that drinking ice after pulling teeth makes it quick to heal?

Is it true that drinking ice after pulling teeth makes it quick to heal?

Is it true that drinking ice after pulling teeth makes it quick to heal?


Many people suggest that, after a tooth extraction operation, it's good to drink cold water. Without realizing it, we fully believe that suggestion. The question is, is this true and medically safe? How can drinking ice after pulling teeth accelerate healing? Find out the answer below.

Get to know the tooth extraction operation

The dentist will pull out your teeth because they have been damaged. Teeth that have been damaged, for example due to a very severe and porous hole, can certainly cause pain. Furthermore, if the tooth is not removed, the damage can spread to other teeth.

Dental surgery is usually done using anesthesia so that you don't feel sick. However, after the surgery is complete and the effect of anesthesia is gone, the pain can come back.

After your teeth are removed, of course there will be a hole in the gums and can bleed. In other words, where your teeth are long, the gums bleed, and can become inflamed or swollen. This is a natural thing that happens. However, to speed healing and recovery, there are a number of things you can do, for example the things below.

1. Take pain reliever

First, you might be given a painkiller by your dentist. These drugs can reduce pain after your teeth are removed.

2. Cold compress

You can also give ice packs from outside. Apply an ice pack on the skin of your mouth about 10 to 20 minutes one time compress. Put a thick cloth between the ice and your skin so that the blood vessels don't die completely in flowing the blood.

3. Rinse salt water

After 24 hours have passed after removing your teeth, you can rinse with salt water several times a day. The goal is also to reduce swelling and pain. However, don't rinse too hard because it can make the gums bleed again and slow healing.

4. Choose safe food and drinks

After removing your teeth, choose soft foods such as soup, boiled noodles, pudding, and porridge. Avoid foods and drinks that are too hot because it will make the healing process longer.

5. Sleeping with a high pillow

When sleeping, lie down with a pillow. Make sure the position of the head is higher than the body because a flat position instead prolongs bleeding.

6. Do not touch the former tooth extraction area

Avoid touching the former area of ​​tooth extraction, for example by using a toothbrush, toothpick, or tongue. This can also prolong the recovery process and even cause re-bleeding. When brushing your teeth and cleaning your mouth, do it slowly and gently.

Can drinking ice after pulling teeth speed up healing?

Basically, cold temperatures will make blood vessels narrow. In other words, blood will not flow profusely because of the narrow blood vessels. This happens to stop bleeding in the former tooth extraction area. This is why ice packs need to be done after you remove the teeth. Then what about drinking ice after pulling teeth?

You need to be careful when doing something that will cause direct contact with a tooth extraction wound. For example some of the activities mentioned above, namely gargling too hard, brushing your teeth, and playing your tongue in the area of ​​the scar pulling teeth.

Drinking water, especially drinking cold water or drinking ice after removing your teeth is actually not prohibited. However, when drinking cold water you need to be careful when using a straw. The sucking movement in the mouth can cause pressure on the gums and can slow the healing process. Straws also risk nudging your scars.

In essence, please just drink ice after removing the teeth. However, avoid using straws or drinking quickly. If bleeding does not stop after a few days, immediately contact your dentist.

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