Is It Sure If There Is A Lump In The Baby's Clear Lymph Gland?

Is It Sure If There Is A Lump In The Baby's Clear Lymph Gland?

Is It Sure If There Is A Lump In The Baby's Clear Lymph Gland?


Generally, many lymph node swelling diseases occur in adults. However, what if the symptoms of this disease are actually seen in your baby? Is it possible for lymph nodes in babies to swell? See the following review.

Lymph nodes in a swollen baby can be a sign of infection

Lymph nodes are an important part of the body's defense system against infections and diseases. This gland contains lymphocyte cells, which act as inhibitors of infection. Lymphocytes are responsible for producing substances called antibodies, which will paralyze parasites or germs that cause infection.

When swollen lymph nodes occur, usually the number of lymphocytes increases. This is caused by an infection or inflammation that causes lymphocytes to produce more antibodies. Well, if your child looks swollen in the neck, armpit, under the jaw, or behind the ear, this might indicate that the lymph nodes are disturbed.

An easy way to find out is to pay attention to the area around the swollen gland, usually there will be an infection or wound that results in swelling.

For example, a sore throat often causes the glands in the neck to swell; or an infection of the arm that causes the glands under the arm to swell. In general, babies have the possibility to develop swollen lymph nodes.

The reason is that viral infections are more prevalent at the age of babies to children than adults so, lymph nodes - especially those in the neck - tend to be larger.

What causes swollen lymph nodes in the baby?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, reported by Livestrong, in most cases swollen lymph nodes in infants can be caused by infections, such as:

  • Ear infections
  • Sore throat
  • Flu
  • Dengue fever
  • Sinusitis

Even in some cases, your child can also experience inflammation due to being teething causing the lymph nodes to swell.

In essence, the lymph nodes in a swollen baby are not dangerous. This condition can actually be used as a sign of an infection, which is usually a mild infection. Take it easy, the lymph nodes in the baby will return to normal when the infection or inflammation has disappeared.

But to find out whether this condition is due to a mild infection, you should take your child to the doctor after you see the signs and symptoms that occur.

What is the right handling if this happens?

Treatment for this disease depends on the cause. If there is an infection around the swollen area, then taking the medicine from the doctor can treat it so that it returns the gland to its normal size. But if the infection directly attacks the lymph nodes, consumption of medication from a doctor must also be accompanied by the provision of warm compresses in the area of ​​infection.

Then, does the child need to be taken to the doctor?

Basically, you can treat the swollen lymph nodes yourself. But if the gland swelling in the baby shows more unusual signs, such as:

  • Lymph nodes swell for more than five days
  • High fever up to 38.3 degrees Celsius
  • The gland appears to swell throughout the body
  • The gland looks enlarged very quickly, even the surrounding skin looks red to purple

You should immediately consult with your pediatrician, so that the cause is known as soon as possible and appropriate treatment is taken.

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