Is it Safe to Bring Children to Patient's Hospital?

Is it Safe to Bring Children to Patient's Hospital?

Is it Safe to Bring Children to Patient's Hospital?


Is it Safe to Bring Children to Patient's Hospital?

Some hospitals prohibit children under the age of 12 from entering when we are visiting relatives or family members who are hospitalized. This is sometimes difficult for parents who are forced to take their children to the hospital. However, this ban is not without reason, you know. Here are various considerations as to why there is a ban on bringing children when visiting a hospital.

Why does the hospital forbid children from attending?

Basically, hospitals are indeed not a place for children. So, don't be surprised if the regulations set are quite strict. Here are two main reasons why children should not go to the hospital.

Transmission of disease

Unlike adults, the immune system of children under 12 years is not strong enough. Even though from outside the child looks healthy, you might not know that the body's resistance is actually weakening. Not to mention children need more time to recover from illness than adults.

Meanwhile, hospitals are a nest for various types of disease-causing organisms. Starting from bacteria, viruses, germs, to toxins. These organisms can spread easily to children. Especially if there is an epidemic of certain diseases such as bird flu.

One of the most commonly transmitted diseases to children who frequently visit hospitals is lung infection (pneumonia) due to bacteria. Usually the symptoms of this disease only appear a few days after infection. So, parents may not realize that the child is actually contracting the disease in the hospital.

Interferes with patients

Aside from visiting a hospital at risk for your baby, the presence of children in the hospital may also interfere with patients being treated. Because, small children tend to be more enthusiastic when they are in a new place and atmosphere, namely in the hospital. Especially if they see the long halls of the hospital. A desire arises in children to play and run along the hospital aisle.

Every child is different. Some can control themselves and be calm. However, sometimes there are also those who have been told that it is still difficult to maintain calm. Children who have not been able to control themselves can interfere with the rest of other patients. In addition, children who run and play in hospitals may also make it difficult for the nurses on duty. For example, if a child nudges hospital equipment or accidentally touches special buttons.

Remember, hospitals are not really a place for family gatherings; but where the patient rests. If the child wants to see his grandfather, grandmother, or other family member, it is better to wait until their condition improves and have been allowed to go home. To show support, parents can ask their children to make greeting cards to get well soon for their loved ones.

What if you have to take the child to the hospital?

In certain cases, parents are very forced to take the child to the hospital. If the child really has to come, you should pay attention to the following rules.

1. Make sure the child is immunized

With immunization, the child's immune system becomes stronger. So make sure the child is immunized before going to the hospital. Especially if the child has to go to the emergency room or ICU which is a hotbed of dangerous diseases.

2. Do not go to hospital when there is an outbreak of disease

If you've heard of a particular disease outbreak in the area or the person you're going to visit has an infectious disease, don't take the child to the hospital. When in the hospital, try not to linger. It is better to go home immediately after the hour is over.

3. Remind children to keep calm

Before going to the hospital, explain to the child the importance of keeping calm there. Let him know that he must not carelessly touch the items he sees. He also may not run or scream.

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