Is it Really Pregnant to Make Women So Easy to Forgot?

Is it Really Pregnant to Make Women So Easy to Forgot?

Is it Really Pregnant to Make Women So Easy to Forgot?


Is it Really Pregnant to Make Women So Easy to Forgot?

Are you pregnant now and often forget something? Most women who are pregnant state that they are easy to forget and often do not remember things that have only happened since they started pregnant. But, does this weakened memory really result from pregnancy?

Momnesia, a pregnancy problem that affects the ability to remember

Often forgetting when pregnant is usually called 'momnesia'. This syndrome is not dangerous and naturally occurs in pregnant women because of changes in body functions and hormones that occur during pregnancy. However, if this habit of forgetting is often accompanied by other symptoms such as difficulty thinking and concentrating, not being passionate about carrying out daily activities, then you may be alert. You may experience severe depression and this can cause various pregnancy problems.

A study conducted in Australia published in The British Journal of Psychiatry found that there was a change and even a decrease in the ability to remember a pregnant woman. Another study has also examined the ability to remember in pregnant women, and from the results it was known that a decrease in memory ability only occurred in the third trimester. After giving birth the mother's ability to return to normal.

Several other studies also found the same thing, that there was indeed a decline in cognitive and cognitive abilities in pregnant women, but would return to normal after she gave birth.

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What causes pregnant women to be forgetful?

It is natural and normal for someone who is stressed or depressed to be very forgetful. Reporting from an interview conducted by WebMD, Janer Martin, a neuroscientist, stated that if someone sleeps not enough, it can reduce their ability to remember. Under conditions of pregnancy, hormonal changes in the body can be the reason why pregnant women forget more often.

During pregnancy, the hormone progesterone and maternal estrogen increase many times, which is around 15 to 40 times. Both of these hormones affect all nerve cells in the brain. When pregnant women will give birth, the hormone oxytocin will surge, making the uterus contract and stimulate the body to produce milk. This oxytocin hormone also affects the communication of nerve cells in the brain.

Most studies also conclude the same thing, namely momnesia syndrome occurs due to hormonal changes in the body which then affect the work of nerve cells in the brain. So, when the hormone returns to normal, this condition will disappear and the mother's ability will return to normal. Therefore, do not worry and worry, this condition is not dangerous and risks to health.

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What are the symptoms of 'momnesia'?

If a pregnant woman experiences momnesia, then maybe she will feel like she is walking into a room, wanting to take or do something, but suddenly forgets what to do. He can even go back and forth 5-10 times to the room to remember what to do.

Some experts also state that a mother's focus on caring for a child and her pregnancy can make her not focus on other things, so she often forgets things. So, the ability to remember short-term memory is weak.

How to overcome forgetfulness while pregnant?

Often forgetting and not focusing on detailed things around, happens because you are very focused on preparing the birth of the baby. So, to deal with this momnesia, you just need to simplify things that were stressful, depressing, and take over all your focus. It is important to prepare the baby's birth, but do it relaxed and not depressed.

Here are things you can do to overcome the occurrence of momnesia:

  • Write detailed or important things in the notes. You can overcome your forgetful habits by recording all the needs to be purchased, plans or activities to be carried out, or various other things to remember.
  • Get enough sleep and rest. Lack of sleep can cause the brain to become tired and not work properly. This of course affects the ability to remember. Therefore, enough sleep is needed to prevent you from being forgotten frequently.

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