Is it normal if I defecate during childbirth?

Is it normal if I defecate during childbirth?

Is it normal if I defecate during childbirth?


Is it normal if I defecate during childbirth?

Many mothers feel anxious and afraid when facing labor. One of the things that mothers might worry about is BAB during childbirth. Defecation during the course of labor can be a shameful experience. But actually, is BAB during childbirth normal? Or is it an alarm? Can this "accident" be prevented?

Is it normal if the mother defecates during childbirth?

Even though imagining it has made me feel embarrassed, but calm down, ma'am. BAB during childbirth is very reasonable and occurs in almost all normal labor processes.

In fact, the pain like "dying pup" felt by the mother during childbirth is considered a good sign. Because this indicates that the baby is on the right track to get out. Many don't know that the process of giving birth is almost the same when you are having a bowel movement. The muscles that are used to tend either during childbirth or when in the bathroom are the same pelvic and lower abdominal muscles. That is why when your stomach is heartburn due to stomach ache or will be born, the muscles will contract.

In addition, when the baby is slowly moving towards the vaginal opening, it will suppress the intestine and rectum which may contain leftover food that has not been removed. This also makes you remove (a little) stool during labor.

Don't hold the urge to defecate during childbirth!

Many mothers are hesitant and ashamed to push harder, because they feel that the dirt in their stomach will come out during labor. In fact, if you hold it back, then your straining strength will decrease so the baby won't come out.

After all, you don't necessarily think the 'dying' chapter of the chapter you feel is true. It could be because of the effects of the baby going out. Therefore, you don't need to worry about this. If indeed the feces come out when you give birth, this is not a bad thing. This will be handled immediately by the medical team that handles you. You only need to focus on pushing the baby out quickly.

Is it normal if I defecate during childbirth?

Can I prevent defecation during childbirth?

Actually, no one can guarantee that you will not remove dirt when giving birth. This depends on each mother's condition. In the early stages of labor - when the contractions are not too frequent - maybe you can go to the bathroom to try to remove leftover food that is still in the stomach. But if it can't, don't force it.

You can also do prevention by eating healthy and fibrous foods during pregnancy especially before delivery. That way, the risk for constipation when approaching labor will be smaller. So, you can empty the gut from the leftovers more easily.

Some doctors also recommend stopping eating solid foods that are difficult to digest before delivery. However, to be sure, you better ask the doctor who handles you regarding dietary restrictions that must be shunned before giving birth.

Can it prevent bowel movements by using enemas during labor?

Enema is a procedure to cleanse the intestines of the remaining food scraps. Some time ago, this procedure was still performed on mothers who gave birth. Enema is considered to accelerate the labor process and prevent the mother and baby from infection.

However, at present, many doctors and medical teams are no longer using the procedure. Because, enemas proved to have no major influence on labor. In a study reported in 2013 stated that giving an enema when the mother gave birth did not make labor faster and also did not guarantee the mother and baby were not infected during childbirth.

Therefore, it is actually fine if you want to defecate during childbirth. If this happens when you give birth later, then don't hesitate to reveal it to your doctor. the most important thing is that you continue to have a healthy lifestyle before delivery, because this will help reduce the problems that may arise during labor - one of them is BAB during childbirth.

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