Is it normal if breast milk only comes out from one breast?

Is it normal if breast milk only comes out from one breast?

Is it normal if breast milk only comes out from one breast?


Is it normal if breast milk only comes out from one breast?

Aside from being a way to fulfill a baby's nutritional needs, breastfeeding is a form of mother's love for the baby. Therefore, many mothers expect to be able to give their milk optimally. Even so, there are some mothers who may experience problems while breastfeeding, one of which is breast milk only comes out next to the breast. Many mothers are confused and anxious when facing this. Actually, breast milk only comes out from one breast, isn't that normal?

One breast cannot produce breast milk, what is the cause?

There are many problems that arise when breastfeeding, one that is quite unique is breast milk only comes out next to the breast. Why does this happen?

Breasts actually have an asymmetrical size. In other words, your pair of breasts is not always exactly the same size. However, this size difference is usually so thin that there is no need to worry. Well, even though you have two breasts, in fact both may have different functions and ways of working.

In the case of breast milk only comes out next to the breast, it usually happens if you have previously had surgery on the breast. Whether it's a breast implant, breast biopsy, or breast removal.

These conditions can make the mammary gland tissue that is associated with the outlet of damaged milk. Finally, making breast milk difficult to get out or not even out at all.

Other factors can also be caused because the breasts have not developed properly, so that the milk gland tissue is unable to produce milk.

Besides that, it might also be because from the very beginning breastfeeding your baby would prefer to suckle only in one breast. Or indeed you are more likely to breastfeed from one breast.

That is why breasts that are rarely or may not be used for breastfeeding at all, cannot produce breast milk optimally.

Is it normal if breast milk only comes out from one breast?

Is this a condition to worry about?

When one breast can't function properly, it doesn't mean the other breast is the same. As mentioned earlier, the work of both breasts is not always the same. Therefore, one breast can produce more milk, even though the other breast does not function properly.

Similarly, when your child tends to prefer to suckle in one breast, the mother's body will receive a signal to increase the production of breast milk in that part of the breast to meet the needs of the baby.

So, actually the condition of breast milk just coming out next to the breast is not necessarily a concern. Your body will still produce the amount of milk according to the needs of the baby, even if only through one breast.

However, if your child is less than six weeks old and one of your breasts is not functioning properly, try to consult this further with the doctor. Because, in those times your child should obtain breast milk from both breasts alternately.

What should be done when only breast milk comes out next to the breast?

First of all, find out first what is the main cause of breast milk just coming out of one breast. If this is caused by the habit of the little one who is only breastfeeding in one breast, try to start getting used to suckling on both breasts alternately.

You can breastfeed from the breast that does not produce milk, to stimulate the release of breast milk. If your child seems nervous and starts crying because the milk doesn't come out, you can change the position of breastfeeding to the other breast. After that, continue back to the breast that does not produce breast milk.

Other options You can try pumping breast milk and doing a gentle massage on the side of the breast that is difficult to produce milk. Again, the goal is to give stimulation to one of these breasts.

However, if there is not too much breastfeeding capacity so that only one side of the breast is enough for each breastfeeding session, you can try breastfeeding in the breast to not produce milk in the next breastfeeding session.

Most importantly, make sure you have tried to breastfeed alternately from both sides of the breast. If this method does not seem to work to make milk production in one breast smoothly, consultation with a doctor, midwife, or lactation consultant might be able to help answer complaints related to this breastfeeding problem.

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