Is Ear Candle Therapy Safe to Clean Earwax?

Is Ear Candle Therapy Safe to Clean Earwax?

Is Ear Candle Therapy Safe to Clean Earwax?


Is Ear Candle Therapy Safe to Clean Earwax?

Dirt in the ear does not have to be cleaned regularly because the body has the ability to push its own earwax out. However, now there is one way to clean the dirt in the ear by doing ear candle therapy. This therapy has now mushroomed everywhere, whether it's in a beauty clinic, spa, or salon. But, is this therapy safe to do?

What is ear candle therapy?

Ear candle is an ear cleaning technique where the therapist will insert a cone-shaped hollow candle into your ear hole. The candles used in this therapy are special candles measuring around 20 cm made of linen coated with wasp nests, paraffin or a combination of both. This candle also usually contains chamomile and sage which will provide a relaxing effect.

Now, to do this ear candle treatment, you have to do it in a sleeping position sideways so that the wax can be inserted into the ear. In order to not melt the wax against the skin, a hollow plate is needed for the entry of the candle. After being positioned in such a way the candle is lit for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then after completing treatment, the therapist will show the dirt that has been removed from your ear.

In addition to cleaning the ears, this treatment is also claimed to have several other benefits such as reducing sinusitis, overcoming hearing problems, colds, headaches, improving blood circulation to relieve stress.

Is it safe to clean the ears with an ear candle?

Although this treatment is claimed to have many health benefits, unfortunately, until now there has been no research that says that this therapy is effective in cleaning earwax.

According to the American Academy of Audiology, there is no scientific evidence that ear candling is able to pull out the dirt inside the ear. This is based on measurements made in the ear canal before and after ear candle therapy. The measurement results show if the dirt in the ear is not reduced. The researchers actually found if there were debris ash that settled as a result of burning candles.

Not only that, some researchers even consider that ear candle therapy is just a myth. The dirt that the therapist shows after doing the therapy is actually the wax combustion, not the dirt on your ear. If left unchecked, the remaining combustion will mix with earwax which accumulates and becomes dry. Over time, this will make your hearing impaired.

Because until now there is no scientific evidence, it can be said that ear candle is a treatment that is not recommended for cleaning the ears.

What are the risks and dangers of ear candle therapy?

As stated above, ear candles can have harmful consequences for you. Well, here are some of the ear candle care risks that you should be aware of:

  • Infection or irritation on the outside of the ear
  • Temporary hearing loss
  • This therapy can cause serious injuries, such as burns and irritation on the face, eardrum, even the inner ear.
  • Damage to the blocked eardrum
  • In addition, melting wax that drips into the ear can also harm the area around the ear, even at the risk of bleeding in the ear.

How do you clean the right and safe ear?

Please note, the ear is one of the most important and sensitive organs. That is why, you need to be careful in choosing a safe way to clean your ears. Actually earwax has its own mechanism to get out of the ear without you having to match it. This earwax will come out by itself on the earlobe with dust thanks to the encouragement of cheek muscle mechanism when you chew food.

So, you don't need to take the risk of rummaging through your ears to the middle or the deepest part of your ears. You only need to clean the earlobe or outer ear.

If you keep digging for earwax, then the dirt will be pushed even more into the inner ear. As a result, dirt can not come out and even settles in the ear. Well, this settling dirt will harden and help so it will clog the circulation in the ear. This is what often becomes one of the causes of a reduction in the quality of one's hearing.

If the dirt in the ear has hardened and disrupts your hearing, immediately consult an ENT doctor to get help to clean your ears safely.

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