Inhalers or Nebulizers, Which Should I Choose?

Inhalers or Nebulizers, Which Should I Choose?

Inhalers or Nebulizers, Which Should I Choose?


Inhalers and nebulizers are actually same inhalers that are relied upon to deal with asthma symptoms. Yes, these two inhalers can help you when asthma recurs. However, when compared to the two, which is better and more effective in dealing with asthma symptoms? Inhaler or Nebulizer?

Which inhaler or nebulizer is more effective?

A study measured asthma symptoms in 60 patients using a nebulizer and 60 other patients using an inhaler. From the survey, it was found that both were equally effective in dealing with asthma attacks.

However, from the same survey, many parents felt that the nebulizer was more effective in dealing with asthma attacks in children. Because, not a few children who can not use an inhaler. The technique of using improper inhalers causes fewer drugs to get to the lungs, can cause the drug not to be sent to the lungs properly.

However, the inhaler is indeed a bit more practical and easy to carry around, because the shape is quite compact. So, make sure that you or your child who has asthma knows very well how to use this tool properly, so that the attack can be overcome.

Which is cheaper and cheaper?

If you compare the price, maybe a nebulizer is more expensive. However, the nebulizer machine can be used in the long run and makes it easy for you.

Meanwhile, an inhaler is the inhaler that doctors often prescribe for people with asthma. If you see the price, this inhaler is also quite affordable and easily found in the nearest pharmacy.

Inhalers or Nebulizers, Which Should I Choose?

Which is easier to use?

When compared, the inhaler does have a form that is more concise and practical to carry around than a nebulizer.

The inhaler is also quite easy to use because you only have to press the medicine tube then the steam will come out of the funnel. But again, make sure that you know how to operate this tool, so that the drug issued is the optimal tool.

Well, while the nebulizer itself tends to be heavy and big, the inhaler is equipped with a machine that is useful for converting liquid medicine into steam.

Even so, there is now a more compact type of ultrasonic nebulizer to carry on the trip because it is operated with battery power and can be recharged.

So, which one should I choose?

Actually, this is back to your choice, because both of them can overcome the symptoms of recurrent asthma.

Indeed, a nebulizer is an inhaler that is most often used when an emergency occurs in a hospital. Aside from being large, the nebulizer uses a machine that makes it easier for the drug to come out.

If you are traveling far away, maybe you can prepare an ultrasonic inhaler or a nebulizer that has a compact form.

Meanwhile, you can also provide a nebulizer at home, making it easier for you when an asthma attack occurs at home. Consult your doctor also about which type of breathing device you need.

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