Husbands Too Much Sperm Can Also Make Wives Hard to Get Pregnant

Husbands Too Much Sperm Can Also Make Wives Hard to Get Pregnant

Husbands Too Much Sperm Can Also Make Wives Hard to Get Pregnant


The difficulty of having a child is not always caused by a woman's fertility factor, but also by men, because the fertilization process involves the egg cells and sperm cells. One of the main sources of male infertility is too little sperm count, or too slow sperm movement. But did you know that too much sperm can also make a man difficult to fertilize?

Too much sperm sperm causes buildup

Reported from Very Well, in the past, researchers usually focused on egg cells as the main source of pregnancy and miscarriage problems. This is because there is only one egg that evolves each menstrual cycle.

However, the results of a recent study found that this problem can also occur due to the accumulation of sperm on the egg, and how sperm reaches the egg.

Too much sperm count also triggers the risk of miscarriage

Reporting from Psychology Today, John MacLeod and Ruth Gold made a comparison between sperm counts and miscarriage cases. As a result, more sperm counts can result in miscarriages or failed pregnancies.

Sperm that are thought to amount to more have concentrations of around 100 million /ml with 60% of sperm that moves (motile sperm). Compare that with moderate sperm count, which is around 20-59 million /ml which is found in one third of men who have 4 or more children, without miscarriages.

What happens if there is more than one sperm in the egg?

Husbands Too Much Sperm Can Also Make Wives Hard to Get Pregnant

Normally, fertilization occurs when one sperm gets into the fallopian tube and attaches to the egg cell. Each sperm cell has one chromosome, the X chromosome or Y chromosome. If the chromosome is X, the fetus is male. If the chromosome is Y, the fetus is female.

However, too much sperm will cause a buildup of sperm cells (polyspermy). Polyspermy can produce extra chromosomes (combination chromosomes) that can endanger sex determination in the fetus, because the chromosomes are abnormal or triploid chromosomes, such as XXX, XXY, or XYY.

According to a 197 report by Nora Blacwell and colleagues, tripoloid chromosomes will fall into the uterus and last only a few hours. This is why sperm accumulation in egg cells can result in miscarriage and failure of pregnancy.

In addition, Patricia Jacobs and her colleagues followed a report on the origin of triploid chromosomes in humans in 1978 at a maternity home in Hawaii. As a result, 21 of 26 fetuses had miscarriages because of the triploid chromosome.

Triploid chromosomes are indeed relatively common in humans. It is estimated that this affects 1-3 percent of all conception.

To find out the cause of recurrent miscarriages and make it difficult for you to have children, doctors usually recommend that men do a sperm quality test. That way, you can take medication or lifestyle changes that can improve the quality and quantity of your sperm to normal.

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