How Can Someone Be Addicted to Something? What are the characteristics?

How Can Someone Be Addicted to Something? What are the characteristics?

How Can Someone Be Addicted to Something? What are the characteristics?


Do you have an addiction to something? Actually, anyone can have their own addiction to something. Whether it's food addiction, work, playing video games, alcohol, sports, shopping, or even drugs What actually causes addiction? How do you know that you are addicted? Is addiction to something normal? Or is it a psychological disorder?

What is addiction?

Addiction is a condition in which a person experiences loss of control over what he does - due to a strong desire or passion for something - and happens for a long time. People who have addictions don't have control over what they do, use or consume for something they make opium.

Addiction does not only happen to physical objects that you can consume, it turns out according to experts there are many types of addiction to a behavior that you might not realize. Addiction conditions that occur in a person can cause adverse effects on his health, especially psychological health. It is not impossible that addiction causes behavior, habits, even brain function to change.

Addiction is different from habits

Of course addiction is different from repeated habits. When you make a habit that you always do, you can stop it at any time according to the conditions that occur. But not with addiction, you really have a hard time stopping the behavior, whatever happens to stop it.

In essence, you lose control and control over what you do so you can't stop the activity. Disorders of a person's psychological aspects can also be one of the causes of addiction.

How do I know that I am addicted?

Some characteristics that indicate a person is addicted to:

  • Can't stop doing a habit
  • Changes in unstable emotions
  • Increase appetite
  • Causes insomnia
  • Withdraw from the environment due to the importance of things that are his hobby.
  • Do a lot of denial and always justify what he does
  • Having problems in romance or social relationships.

What are the causes of addiction?

Before knowing the cause of addiction, this condition is basically in three stages, namely:

  • Initial stage where the desire for an object appears
  • Second stage , begins to like the object and then loses control of itself in carrying out activities related to objects.
  • The last step which is when the behavior is continued becomes a habit that is difficult to stop.

The thing that really causes addiction is the emergence of pleasure in the brain. Whatever the activity, whether it's sex, psychoactive drugs, abundant assets, or foods that taste good, will be interpreted with the same thing in the brain. The brain will respond to all the pleasure through a similar response, namely by producing the hormone dopamine or pleasure hormone. This hormone will increase when you feel satisfied, happy, and happy about something.

In this condition, it turns out that dopamine is not just responding to the pleasure you have just faced, but this hormone also causes excessive liking that can lead to addiction. If the levels of dopamine produced by the brain are normal, then it will not cause addiction. But when you experience addiction, the object that makes you addicted stimulates the brain to produce excessive dopamine.

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