Healthy Dating Is Actually Like What? Here are 5 signs!

Healthy Dating Is Actually Like What? Here are 5 signs!

Healthy Dating Is Actually Like What? Here are 5 signs!


Healthy Dating Is Actually Like What? Here are 5 signs!

Establishing healthy relationships when dating is a necessity. Instead of looking for comfort with your partner, if your dating relationship is unhealthy, it is actually an inconvenience or even danger that can come to you. For that, try to reflect on whether your relationship with your partner, including the conditions of a healthy courtship? Or vice versa? Let's find out how the signs of a healthy dating relationship so you can fix it.

A healthy dating relationship is a closeness that will bring more pleasure and comfort than bringing a lot of stress in life.

Are there any special limits for making a dating relationship healthy?

The limit is like a fence in your house, and you are the gate keeper. Only you, the person who can determine the extent to which other people can enter your house. What is clear, this limit serves to control yourself and take care of yourself to be safe in relationships. The point is there are 4 important points that can make your dating relationship will bring pleasure rather than stress. Namely, mutual respect, trust, honesty, and communication.

Then, what are the signs that the dating relationship is healthy?

1. No one dominates or controls

That is to say, a healthy courtship must put both lovers as equals or equals. If there is a more dominant figure, it is usually the figure who will regulate, control, and dominate his partner. For example, arranging a couple's clothes or limiting association and partner activities.

A couple with healthy relationships will have their own opinions and both respect each other. There is nothing more to regulate or control the life of his partner.

2. Do not demand a partner to make it happy

One sign of a healthy relationship is when lovers share the notion that happiness comes from yourself. Not consider the partner as a source of happiness and the partner is responsible for making himself happy.

Awareness that happiness comes from yourself can make both of them not expect each other too high. In fact, both of them will share high initiative to continue to develop and improve themselves to be happier, instead of being busy "fixing" their partners.

3. Respect each other's limits

A healthy dating is dating free from coercion. Therefore, it is important for each partner to determine the desired limits. For example physical limitations like not want to be kissed.

In a healthy courtship, if one party has stated that he does not want to be kissed, his partner must respect the boundary and not force it in any way, including manipulation such as promising to marry her.

Your partner may also set limits that are not allowed to open chat content on each other's cellphone. If one party continues to violate this boundary, then courtship is no longer healthy.

4. Able to manage conflict well

In healthy relationships, conflict is not considered the end of everything. Conflict is actually accepted as a natural part of life. If you and your partner can always handle conflict with a cold head until the problem is resolved, this is one sign that your relationship is a healthy relationship.

However, if each time your conflict arises and your partner threatens to break up or use violence (both verbal and physical), this is a sign that your relationship is toxic or toxic.

5. Prioritizing communication and listening

Always being open in communication and listening to a partner is a characteristic that people have with a healthy dating relationship. A couple who are in a healthy relationship will realize that what is on their minds is only themselves who know. Therefore, the ability to communicate and listen is important for the couple.

Dating will be problematic if each party feels that he does not need to convey his wishes because his partner should know what he wants, without being told.

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