Healthy Breast Characteristics of the Shape, Size, and Type of Breast Nipples

Healthy Breast Characteristics of the Shape, Size, and Type of Breast Nipples

Healthy Breast Characteristics of the Shape, Size, and Type of Breast Nipples


Healthy Breast Characteristics of the Shape, Size, and Type of Breast Nipples

As a woman, you may have been surprised by your breasts and wondered if your breast size is normal. This is reasonable because not all women understand about the breast, even with the size of the breast they have. Therefore, it is important for you to recognize the characteristics of healthy breasts and breast conditions like what you need to watch out for. Check out the full information below.

Size of the big breast next to

Among you, maybe there are those who have different sizes of right and left breast. You might be surprised whether this is normal. The answer is, very normal, especially for girls who are in puberty.

This difference in breast size can also appear when you are in your 20s. In fact, a study found that 44 percent of women said that one breast they had was smaller than the other.

This can happen because when girls start puberty, the breasts begin to develop with a slight swelling under the nipple, or breast budding. At that time, you might notice that one of your breasts begins to develop before the other or grows faster.

So, for those of you who have different breast sizes, there's no need to worry, especially for teenagers. However, if you still feel worried, you need to consult a doctor or gynecologist to convince yourself that your breasts are normal.

Breast nipples go inside

Usually, the nipple protrudes out. But for some people, the nipples of her breasts do not stick out or go inside. A study shows that around 10% of women have nipples that are not protruding or even inverted nipple.

This happens because the tissue that connects your nipples becomes a little shorter. You do not need to worry, because even if it does not stand out, your nipples are still functioning normally to provide breast milk (ASI) for your little one.

However, if your nipples that initially protrude don't stand out anymore, then you need to consult a doctor because it can be an indication of cancer.

Small hair on aerola

The appearance of small hair around the aerola, or dark skin around your nipples, might make you wonder. But again, you don't need to worry. If the small hair makes you uncomfortable, you can cut it with small scissors. But you are not recommended to remove it, because it can cause infection and ingrown hair.

When should I see a doctor if something goes wrong?

Nipple discharge

If this condition occurs before menopause, the liquid is greenish, clear, or red (bleeding), and there are lumps, you need to see a doctor to find out the real causes and conditions.

Lumps in the breast

If you find a lump around the breast or armpit, you need to see a doctor because it can be a sign of a tumor or cancer.

Changes in color and texture

If the skin around your breasts feels itchy, scaly or reddish, you should see a doctor to determine whether the breasts are healthy and normal.

Breasts hurt

Pain in the breast that appears before menstruation is normal because the pain will disappear on its own. However, if the pain does not disappear, you need to see a doctor to make sure your breasts are fine.

Change in size or shape

As you age or certain conditions (such as menstruation or pregnancy), changes in breast size or shape will occur. Especially when you are menopause, your breasts tend to be sagging or smaller because they begin to lose their shape. This is normal.

However, if these changes occur outside these times, you need to see a doctor to make sure the breasts are healthy and fine.

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