Happier Which: Have a Big Salary or Have a Satisfying Job?

Happier Which: Have a Big Salary or Have a Satisfying Job?

Happier Which: Have a Big Salary or Have a Satisfying Job?


Happier Which: Have a Big Salary or Have a Satisfying Job?

Which is more important and happy for you? Big salary but unsatisfactory work or mediocre salary but your work is so challenging and fun? Yes, the debate between large salaries or job satisfaction is unlikely to end. In fact, you have to set priorities so you can take important decisions around your career. Then how do you determine which is happier, big salary or satisfying job?

Is the big salary always happier?

Quoted from The New York Times, research from the National Academy of Sciences says that a large salary or how much money you have will not make you happier. How come? Look, research covering almost five hundred thousand participants revealed that new money could make someone suffer if he had really fallen into poverty.

So if you still have money (but just barely), that doesn't mean you can't be happy. Likewise, people with large salaries and lots of money are not necessarily emotionally feeling happy and grateful.

Suppose you are paid a high salary by a company. However, all day long as you work, you are only told by your boss and demanded all sorts of things. It is your turn to express ideas, employers always reject them outright.

In addition, your colleagues are also not supportive of each other. This might be because the competition in the office is so tight. So instead of helping each other, fellow coworkers even try to drop each other.

According to research, you won't feel happy again for a long time. This is not because you are not paid enough by the company. But because the work you have does not cover the basic needs of life as a human.

One human need is to learn new skills, connect with people around, and develop ideas and contribute to the work or field they are engaged in.

Unfortunately, these needs are not really considered when compared to financial needs.

Happier Which: Have a Big Salary or Have a Satisfying Job?

Then, which one should be chosen?

Large salaries cannot be a benchmark for job satisfaction. So, if you decide to accept a job offer, don't just look at the salary figure. Find out also about the work environment, how to deal with employers and between colleagues, corporate culture, and whether there is an opportunity for you to learn and develop yourself.

Likewise if you always focus on learning and looking for work that best suits your passion. Even though this is basically good, don't let you forget that your skills are also worthy of being valued by the company.

So, in essence the happiest is balanced and quite realistic. If you have not found a job in such a way, try to understand the consequences of your choice. For example, the salary is very high, but you are much demanded by the company. That is indeed a consequence that you choose yourself.

However, if you are currently unhappy with your job, plus you are paid cheaply by the company, that means something is wrong with your choice. It's best to consider looking for other more ideal opportunities.

Happier Which: Have a Big Salary or Have a Satisfying Job?

Back again, the meaning and benchmark of happiness for each person is different

Everyone has different priorities. There are those who have always wanted to have a lot of money. According to research in the Journal of Happiness Studies, usually people like this tend to work in engineering, business, and economics.

Whereas people who are looking for work satisfaction and not pursuing large salaries tend to engage in social and humanitarian fields. However, this is not a fixed price, huh.

Therefore, before making any decision, first make sure what your priorities are. A big salary and a luxurious lifestyle or a simple but passionate life?

It does not rule out the possibility that these two things are achieved at once. The important thing is you know where to go and want to try hard enough to make it happen.

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