Get to know the Baby Blues Sundries

Get to know the Baby Blues Sundries

Get to know the Baby Blues Sundries


A few days after giving birth, you may feel depressed, easy to cry, and easily angry. This condition is also known as the baby blues. Baby blues are very common. As many as 8 out of 10 mothers experience changes in their mood after giving birth.

You might feel:

  • Worry about the health of the baby, even though the baby is fine
  • Restless
  • Can not concentrate
  • Tired, but can't sleep
  • It's easy to cry without cause

What is the cause of the baby blues?

Baby blues are thought to be related to hormonal changes during the early weeks of birth. Your body will experience many adjustments, such as decreasing the adrenaline that you feel when giving birth to your baby.

Pregnancy hormones will slowly disappear when you start producing milk. Your diet will change. Not only will changes in the physical be happening, but also your emotions will be affected, because of the pressure of a big responsibility on your baby.

The fact that your new role as a parent might actually be realized after you leave the hospital and go through the first few days. Even though you love being a mother, your new role can make you feel depressed.

You may feel confused how to care for your baby and feel the anticlimax after giving birth to your baby. You may feel tired and find it difficult to get enough sleep at night or during the day, even if it is possible.

How long does the baby blues last?

Don't worry, your situation will improve soon. Baby blues are not a disease and usually only last a few hours or days. You might feel the peak of the baby blues between the 3rd and 5th days after your baby is born.

Baby blues will disappear in a few days without the need to visit a doctor. With enough rest and support from around, you will begin to feel better.

However, if you feel depressed after a month or more having a baby, you may experience Postnatal Depression (PND) aka postpartum depression. If you feel you have PND, contact a doctor who can provide advice, support, and treatment.

How do you help someone with the baby blues?

If you are a partner, relative, or friend of a mother who has a baby blues, make sure that this is normal. He may feel tired and unsure of himself. Try to:

  • Helps set the time for him
  • Helps cook for him
  • Suggest resting enough
  • Realizing that he is a good mother
  • Limit incoming guests
  • Let him cry if he needs it.
  • Listen to it

The most important thing is to make him feel that you will always be there for him. Also give him the opportunity to have his own time.

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