Feeling HP vibrates even though it doesn't? Maybe You Have This

Feeling HP vibrates even though it doesn't? Maybe You Have This

Feeling HP vibrates even though it doesn't? Maybe You Have This


Feeling HP vibrates even though it doesn't? Maybe You Have This

How often do you use an cellphone aka cellphone? Existing cellphones today are extraordinarily sophisticated. Everything can be done with just one gadget, or what is now better known as a smartphone. Especially for young people, not holding a HP a day might make it feel like something is missing. Well, for those of you who use your smartphone too often, be careful with phantom pocket vibration syndrome.

What is phantom pocket vibration syndrome?

Have you ever kept your cellphone in a pocket or bag, then you feel that your cellphone is ringing or vibrating when there is an incoming notification, but when you check there is no telephone, short message, or no notification at all? This is what is called phantom pocket vibration syndrome.

Indeed this is rather rare, but it is quite common for people who are experiencing times where he is very uncomfortable with his social relationships. People who have high anxiety or high fear of social relationships are more likely to experience this syndrome. Conversely, people who tend to prioritize social relations rather than using smartphones are less likely to experience this syndrome. Mobile phones or HP affect how you interact with the outside world, and people who use too much HP vent their desire to interact with the outside world through cellphones.

The generation born in the 80s and 90s is nervous if they can't check their cellphones

In a study conducted by Larry Rosen, PhD, psychology professor from California State University and colleagues, the researchers interviewed participants about how often they checked their cellphones and social media accounts and whether they felt anxious if they could not check these things as often as usual. The participants came from 4 different generations, who were named as follows: the generation of Baby Boomers (born in 1946-1964), Generation X (born 1965-1979), generation of Net Generation (born in the 1980s ), and the generation of iGeneration (born in the 1990s).

The results of this study show that most people, especially the two youngest generations, do regularly check their cellphones. Even one third of participants in the last 2 generations checked their social media as much as they checked their incoming calls to their phones. The results also show that the two youngest generations are more likely to be worried if they cannot check their cellphone compared to the 2 generations above them.

In addition, some studies say that people who are worried about not being able to check their cellphones may experience some of the following signs, such as depression, dysthymia, mania, antisocial personality disorder, narcissism, compulsive personality disorder, and paranoid personality disorder.

How does HP's location affect us psychologically

Another study conducted involved 163 students in a very large room. Half of them (Group 1) are guided into another room and are asked to put everything, books, cellphones and whatever items they carry, in the desk drawers in front of them. While the other students (Group 2) keep books, cellphones, and their belongings in other places that are not with them. All students are asked to do nothing but wait for further instructions. Every 20 minutes in 1 hour, each participant completes the test which is named the State-Trait Anxiety Scale.

The results of the study show that group 1 participants only felt worried in the first 20 minutes, then their worries decreased because they knew their cellphones were still near them. However, the results of the test participants in group 2 showed that their level of concern continued to increase during that one hour.

The most surprising thing from the results of the latest research is how HP light can affect you. The participants who were really HP enthusiasts in this study showed their level of concern increased rapidly even just because they could not see the light of their cellphones.

Why do we feel that HP vibrates or sounds even though it's not?

Overuse of electronic items, especially those related to communication, causes the sending of the wrong signal to neurons around the shirt pocket, pants pocket, and other body parts that are usually close to and attached to the cellphone. This makes the neurons confused about whether it is true cellphone vibration or other signals. Based on this research, it can be concluded that this happened starting from the feeling of worry due to not being able to check their electronic items.

Professor Rosen concluded that your behavior can affect the signals of neurons that will be sent to the brain. Your body is always waiting or anticipating various types of technological interactions, which usually come from smartphones. By "anticipating" concerns about the sound of HP from your brain, if you get or do anything that can "wake up" your nerves, for example if your trousers are too tight to swipe your feet, your neurons may always translate the reaction of neurons as a result your phone vibrates, when in fact your brain misinterprets the cause due to anxiety in your brain.

Steps that can be taken to prevent phantom pocket vibration syndrome

With the explanation above about how badly the influence of smartphones on your psychological health if you use it too often, start taking steps to refrain from always using a smartphone. Here are steps you can take to rest your brain from worries about this cellphone:

  • Take time to take a walk in nature, or seaedar walk outside
  • Sports
  • Listen to music
  • Sing
  • Learn foreign languages ​​
  • Read comedy books
  • Interact with other people directly, not by telephone

Do the above for 10 minutes every 90 minutes to 120 minutes. 10 minutes away from all types of electronic items can reduce your level of concern. Another way is to schedule when you can check your electronic items that are used for communication, for example every 15 minutes, then do not touch the device within 15 minutes. Unless you are in a very, very emergency situation and need communication with the telephone, just activate the notification with the people in question, and the rest turn off notifications on your mobile.


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