Fat on the back turns out to be the same danger as stomach fat

Fat on the back turns out to be the same danger as stomach fat

Fat on the back turns out to be the same danger as stomach fat


Maybe you have a belly that isn't bloated or a thigh circumference that's not too big. But, do not be happy first, it does not mean you are free from piles of body fat. Want proof?

Try to mirror and turn your body around and see if your back is thick or not. If so, then you have plenty of back fat and this is certainly dangerous for your health. Then what causes bad back fat?

Why is fat on the back dangerous?

Back fat is often overlooked as a result of not being seen by the eye, therefore many people who do not know they have thick body fat. Basically all the fat deposits in the body, whether on the back, abdomen, thighs, arms, or other parts are bad for health. The sign that you have thick back fat is that your back is easy to pinch - the bigger the pinch, the more fat heaps.

If this happens to you, try to remember again, how you have been eating or how often you exercise. Too often eating fatty, high-calorie foods makes your back thick due to fat deposits. Moreover, after consuming all these foods you are not trying to burn them, then be like you have a 'bag' of fat on your back.

Fat deposits on the back can increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes mellitus, and various other chronic diseases.

Women have more fat on their back than men

When viewed from body composition, women do tend to have more fat than men. Under normal circumstances, women have at least 20-25% of their total body fat. While men only have about 10-15% fat content. Not without reason women have more fat, women need all these fat reserves when they face pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding later.

These times require considerable energy, so this fat stack is present to support this condition. But, still having too much fat, including back fat, is a bad thing for health. The amount of female fat should not be more than 31%, because it will cause a decrease in fertility and interfere with various bodily functions.

How do you remove fat on your back?

Back fat can be pruned by applying a healthy lifestyle, limiting foods containing high fat and calories, and exercising regularly. A powerful sport to free your body from fat deposits - including back fat - is cardio exercise, such as swimming, cycling, jogging, zumba, and so on.

But a few simple movements can also help remove fat quickly, namely push ups, squats, and perform various hand movements while lifting weights. Eating high-fiber foods can also speed up your efforts to remove accumulated fat, because fiber is binding on fat in the body so that fat levels will decrease slowly.

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