Even Stress When Holidays Arrive? Here's 5 Ways to Overcome It!

Even Stress When Holidays Arrive? Here's 5 Ways to Overcome It!

Even Stress When Holidays Arrive? Here's 5 Ways to Overcome It!


Holidays have arrived! Aren't you happy when that happens? Yes, when the holidays come, it's time for us to let go of fatigue and fatigue which all this time has accumulated and even terrorized. Holidays make you more time to spend with family and meet old friends. Unfortunately, many actually feel stressed when the holidays come. The reason is, you have to spend more money on vacation needs, come to some events that you may not like (but must attend), and so on.

Is this how you feel when the holidays arrive? Yes, you are not alone, a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA), found that 8 out of 10 women in the United States experience stress while on vacation. Of course, no one wants a vacation to be disturbed, especially stress when on vacation is a bad thing. Therefore, see tips and tricks to avoid stress during the following holidays.

Tricks to relieve stress during holidays

1. Feel lonely? Holidays are the right time to find friends

Maybe the thing that makes you stressed when your vacation arrives is you don't have a vacation buddy. Actually, you don't need a lot of friends to start your vacation. There are many activities that you can enjoy alone. You can go out of the house and meet old friends or even find new friends.

For example, you can try to do social activities or take a leisurely walk. At that place, you will surely find many new friends and of course you no longer feel alone on vacation.

2. Stay realistic

Sometimes, you have imagined you would spend a holiday with loved ones. However, there must be things that make that desire not materialize. Don't be sad, maybe the people around you can't spend time with you on vacation because you have an urgent business.

Instead of sadness, you can still do other things with it, really. For example, calling or just a video call to be able to meet face to face.

Even Stress When Holidays Arrive? Here's 5 Ways to Overcome It!

3. Plan a vacation budget budget

Well, usually what makes people stressed during the holidays is the bloated expenditure. So, before the holidays arrive, it's best to plan all the things you will do while on vacation. Starting from the place, up to the budget for funds to be issued.

You must be disciplined and strict about the budgeted funds. Don't use things that aren't on the list. Many people regret it later because they can't help themselves when the holidays arrive. So, make sure that everything suits what you are planning, so that the holiday remains fun and stress free.

4. Don't leave a healthy lifestyle when the holidays arrive

Usually, food is abundant when holidays arrive, from healthy to fatty fried foods. Remember, you must keep control of your food intake and don't overeat while on vacation. Vacation is only a moment, but the pile of fat that comes from the food you eat will last for weeks or months later.

Don't forget to keep sports while on vacation. Not that you have to go back to the gym or other sports venues. However, make sure if your body is active and do simple exercise. For example, every morning you can do a little run around your vacation spot. Invite your family or relatives together to be more exciting.

5. Take time for yourself

Holidays are more fun when spent with the closest people, but don't forget to make time for yourself. Yes, special time for you to spend alone without interference from others.

It doesn't take long, if your vacation schedule is crowded. You can do simple things like meditation or take a walk around the vacation spot and enjoy your own time.

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