EFT Therapy (Emotional Freedom Technique), a New Way to Overcome Stress

EFT Therapy (Emotional Freedom Technique), a New Way to Overcome Stress

EFT Therapy (Emotional Freedom Technique), a New Way to Overcome Stress


EFT Therapy (Emotional Freedom Technique), a New Way to Overcome Stress

Overcoming stress and depression don't have to use drugs. There are other ways that you can help your stress disappear, like a new way you might have never heard of, namely EFT therapy (emotional freedom technique). He said, EFT therapy is enough to help deal with the stress you feel right now. Actually, what is EFT therapy? How can this therapy deal with stress?

Get to know EFT therapy, a new way to deal with stress

EFT Therapy is a therapy done by yourself by pressing certain parts of the body that are believed to reduce tension and improve the relationship between the body and mind. Pressed body parts are points that are considered the body's gathering place for energy.

Yes, the basic principle of this therapy is that all emotions and thoughts are forms of energy, whether positive or negative. So, this therapy emphasizes how you can manage that energy well.

Although this therapy has just been popularized lately, EFT has actually been introduced since the 1990s. However, it has only been developed and researched in recent years.

EFT therapy has been tested in 10 countries conducted by approximately 60 studies. From the study, it was found that this therapy does have benefits for mental health, especially in dealing with anxiety, stress, and depression syndrome.

  • Overcoming short and long term stress.
  • Reduces muscle tension and joint pain.
  • Increase energy and eliminate fatigue.
  • Overcome tension in the head.
  • Make emotions more stable.
  • Improve sleep quality.
  • Improve brain coordination ability.

How to do EFT therapy to deal with stress

Actually, EFT is almost similar to traditional Chinese medicine, namely acupuncture. Because this therapy also focuses on pressing several points on the body so that energy flows well throughout the body. Interested in trying this EFT therapy? Here's how.

1. Find out what's happening inside

Find out what emotions you feel right now. This is important so that you can overcome these emotions later on. Also determine the level of emotions that you feel, for example sad or very sad. If necessary, determine the ranking, the greater the ranking, the stronger the emotions you feel.

2. Create positive suggestions

Sometimes, even if you feel angry, there must be a good thing that happened at that time. Remember what good things happened at that time. For example, even if you are angry with your partner, you still love him. So, keep suggestions that remain positive such as, "I was angry at him, but he really did not intend to hurt me. I just need time to process the incident and forgive it. "

Embed these suggestions in your mind, don't forget to be accompanied by a positive value from the incident.

3. Start pressing certain parts

Press the part of the hand on the bottom of the little finger, then say many times the suggestion that you made earlier. Press seven times while reciting positive suggestions repeatedly.

4. Repeat and recall the emotions that were felt before

Recall things that make you angry or stressed, for example due to disappointment in your partner. While remembering and reciting these feelings, then press your body parts again, namely at:

  • Inner eyebrow.
  • The outer eye, precisely on the outer bone.
  • The lower part of the eye, precisely in the middle.
  • Chin that has folds.
  • The chest that forms the letter U at the bottom of the throat (from the collarbone to the breastbone).
  • Under the arm, about 8 cm in the armpit.
  • Over the middle head.

After doing so, ask yourself whether the emotion is still there and re-determine its scale. Do it until you feel better. When it's improved, then in the last round, replace the sentence with a calming sentence, such as "I'm already relieved now."

EFT Therapy (Emotional Freedom Technique), a New Way to Overcome Stress

How can EFT therapy reduce stress?

As revealed in a study published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease in 2016, EFT therapy can help overcome stress by reducing the levels of the hormone cortisol. Yes, the hormone cortisol is known as a stress hormone, which if the levels in the body soar, you will experience stress.

While in the Medical Acupuncture journal, it is also mentioned that EFT is able to make the brain part of the work that regulates one's emotions more effectively, so as to reduce stress.

In addition, it has been mentioned before if this therapy can also help treat headaches and joint pain. This has also been proven in a study from Lund University, stating that people who do routine EFT therapy experience fewer headaches than none at all. Experts state that this is because EFT can relax the muscles of the body and reduce tension, so headaches are reduced.

Are there side effects or risks if you do this EFT therapy?

It is not yet known whether there are any side effects or risks that occur when doing EFT in the long term, due to be investigated further. However, experts said that so far EFT therapy is safe to do. Because, EFT can be done anywhere, anytime, does not require specific equipment, and by themselves, so do not look there is a significant risk and quite practical.

However, if you have a history of certain diseases, especially chronic diseases, you should talk to your doctor first, whether you can do EFT or not.

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