Eating Correct Organic Food Can Help Lose Weight?

Eating Correct Organic Food Can Help Lose Weight?

Eating Correct Organic Food Can Help Lose Weight?


Organic food is often included in a healthy diet plan because it has many benefits. One of them is losing weight. However, is that right?

Is it true that organic food is healthier?

Organic food is a clean and environmentally friendly food ingredient because it is not developed using drugs or chemicals. Organic labeled vegetables and fruits are usually planted without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, while farmed organic meat is not injected with any hormones and is only given natural food.

Some studies published in the British Journal of Nutrition report that the average organic food contains higher antioxidants than conventionally grown foods. The residual level of pesticides is also 30% lower than the food cultivated in the traditional way.

Even so, Dr. Keecha Harris PH from the American Dietetic Association states that until now there has been no scientific evidence that is able to prove that organic food is better than non-organic foods. The difference in the amount of nutrient content between organic and traditional foods is not very obvious.

Until now there have been no studies that can prove the adverse effects of pesticides on food ingredients for health, especially in children and pregnant women.

Is it true that organic food can lose weight?

Activists of organic food diets believe that all natural foods can help you lose weight because they do not contain drugs or chemicals. Indeed, residual chemicals in food can accumulate into fat because they cannot be filtered by the liver. So the more "pure" and "natural" food you eat, the liver will not work extra hard to get rid of body toxins.

In addition, because organic food is truly natural, the body can process it more quickly and efficiently. The faster your body's metabolism works, the faster your body can burn fat deposits and create more durable energy.

Another study conducted in mice reported that eating foods without chemicals can help you sleep better. The better your sleep, the higher your stamina for daily activities. The higher your stamina, the more opportunities available for you to move and ultimately burn more calories.

Not that you have to eat organic food excessively

Indeed, healthy food is a type of food that is rich in nutrients, low in fat, high in fiber, and low in calories. Most organic foods fall into this category.

Even so, many food products are only embedding "organic" labels without really being supported by evidence. So it's not impossible that the organic food you choose can be filled with sugar, fat, and empty calories. This makes a lot of consumers, maybe you too, fooled.

Also, "organic" labels that are believed to be healthier can make you eat more of this food. Everything that is excessive in the end is not good for the health of the body. You need to be truly wiser and smarter about sorting out healthy foods to eat every day.

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