Don't Hesitate to Use Hearing Aids! 5 These Considerations Can Make You More Confident

Don't Hesitate to Use Hearing Aids! 5 These Considerations Can Make You More Confident

Don't Hesitate to Use Hearing Aids! 5 These Considerations Can Make You More Confident


Don't Hesitate to Use Hearing Aids! 5 These Considerations Can Make You More Confident

Many people feel hesitant to use hearing aids. The reason can be various. You can because you lack confidence, you don't need to, you can because you're not sure whether hearing aids are effective enough. In fact, it's important for anyone who has a hearing loss to use hearing aids as soon as possible.

Do I need a hearing aid?

There are many people who are not aware that they can have hearing loss. Actually, there are signs that will appear. First, you often ask others to repeat their words. Second, you often watch television or set music at a loud volume. Third, you often have difficulty hearing if there are many people talking at once.

Beyond that, there may be some other signs. If you experience the signs mentioned above, it seems you need to have your hearing checked. Consult an ear, nose, throat or ENT specialist.

Why use a hearing aid?

Hearing loss can have a broad impact, not just on your hearing ability. This problem can interfere with social life and psychological conditions too. For example, the person you are talking to is upset when you ask him to repeat the conversation or family in your home that must be screaming when talking to you.

Immediately follow the doctor's advice to start using hearing aids. Avoiding using hearing aids can make hearing loss increase. In other words, the longer you delay using hearing aids, the greater the likelihood that you will be more difficult to hear in the future.

In addition, a number of studies have shown that hearing loss that is not immediately treated can lead to more serious health problems, such as dementia or senility.

Don't Hesitate to Use Hearing Aids! 5 These Considerations Can Make You More Confident

Overcoming doubts to use a hearing aid

Why are you still hesitant to use hearing aids? Whatever the reason, the risks of not using a hearing aid always outweigh the risks or consequences that might occur if you use a hearing aid.

1. Don't want to be privileged

It cannot be denied that hearing aids will change your life. With hearing loss, you might be treated with special care. Whether it's family or foreigners. You might not want that to happen to you.

For example, you will be seen as a person who is "overrun" so that people increase their volume when talking to you, even though you have used a hearing aid. Or you will be given a special place in an event, for example, always given the front seat so that the sound from the stage is heard by you.

If that's how you feel, try to think carefully. Precisely with hearing aids, your hearing will be much better and like a normal person. So, when you get the treatment as above, you can easily say, "My hearing is fine because I have used this tool. So you don't need to talk while screaming again, with an ordinary voice that's enough. "

However, if you really don't want to be seen by others, you can use a small type of hearing device and be in the ear hole or commonly called in the ear (ITE).

2. Don't want to be humiliated

In the past there must have been one of your classmates who didn't want to use glasses. More or less like this. For children, glasses will change one's appearance and people who have glasses will get new scorn, for example, they will be called "eyes of four" by their friends. So is the case with using hearing aids.

Don't worry, people will also get bored themselves and get used to your need for hearing aids. New things do tend to make a scene. There is a strategy that you can do so that people are not too excited when you first use a hearing aid, such as cutting your hair in a different style. That way, people's attention will be shifted to your hair.

Remember how enjoyable and easy it is to live if your hearing is sharper. You don't need to ask someone else to repeat the words. You also don't need to pretend to listen to other people's words, even though you can't hear them.

3. Not sure if hearing aids can improve hearing

For people who have had a hearing loss for a long time, they will try to accept the situation. In fact, his belief in getting a better hearing has actually decreased or even further, has completely disappeared.

If a reason like this is a problem, you can meet people who have used hearing aids. Chat and ask people who have used hearing aids to share their experiences. That way, you will see a new perspective that can strengthen your decision to use a hearing aid.

4. Not sure the quality of life will improve

Almost the same as the reason above, people who have a hearing loss may respond, "It looks like it will be the same when I have used a hearing aid. Nothing will change. "

Even though there are many people who say that some aspects of their life are far better than when they haven't used hearing aids. The National Council on the Aging conducted a survey and found that 66 percent of people were able to communicate far more effectively.

In addition, 50 percent more survey participants said that home relationships are better and have a better social life. In fact, 48 percent of them get a sense of security when using hearing aids, even 44 percent of people feel more confident. So, using a hearing aid can indeed change your life for the better.

5. Fear of being unsuitable and afraid of not being able to maintain the tool properly

There may be fear about the incompatibility of the hearing aid that you have purchased. You might also hear from people that many don't feel like they are compatible with hearing aids.

Remember, everyone certainly needs time to adapt when using a hearing aid. The time ranges from 3 to 6 months. Why so? Because your brain has to remember the sounds you haven't heard for a long time.

Apart from that, there may also be fear about damage to the equipment that can occur. In fact, it's not something you need to fear. At present there are many tools that guarantee the warranty, so that when damaged, you can make repairs to the tool.

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