Do Identical Twins Have Identical DNA?

Do Identical Twins Have Identical DNA?

Do Identical Twins Have Identical DNA?


Not only faces are identical, identical twins have the same sex, their bodies look similar, and often wear the same clothes. Sometimes if you see it for the first time it's quite difficult to tell which sister is and where his brother is so exactly his face. The many similarities give rise, do identical twins have identical DNA too? Come on, see the full review.

How can identical twins be formed?

Do Identical Twins Have Identical DNA?

Identical twins are formed from one egg and one same sperm. After conception or fertilization, this cell should develop into one zygote.

In identical twins, after the conception of the egg and sperm which are fused, it divides into two zygotes. Then the two new zygotes grow into two individuals.

Because it comes from the same egg and sperm, identical twins have the same DNA, from one mother's egg cell and one father's same sperm.

DNA (Deoxyribonucleate) consists of chromosomes that contain genetic information. This genetic information determines all the characteristics and characteristics of the body. Starting from the color of hair and eyes, muscle structure, and so on.

Although identical twins, but apparently identical twins still have differences, right? Even though there are only a few or maybe there are many differences. So this is the question, why does one difference in the same genetic information source remain. Actually the DNA is the same or not?

Is it true that identical twin DNA is really identical too?

Do Identical Twins Have Identical DNA?

Reported on the Verywell Fit page, this DNA test on identical twins or monozygotic twins will give a similar 99.99% result. Whereas if twins are not identical or fraternal twins are generally similar around 50-75 percent.

Quoted in the page of the National Human Genome Research Institute, which is a human gene research institute in America, Don Hadley, MS., C.G.C said that identical twin children shared the exact same DNA during the womb. However, changes can occur after fertilization, so this makes their DNA still have a difference.

Therefore, it can be said that identical twins do not mean having identical DNA too, but the DNA is very similar.

The proof, you can see for yourself there is always a difference between identical twins. That is, DNA that carries their genetic information is not identical. Although the difference is only a little or you may find it difficult to distinguish, but basically there are different.

For example, fingerprints can be similar but not 100 percent exact. In addition, for example, face shape or hair color. This is all because their DNA is not one hundred percent identical, but very similar.

Environmental factors or eating patterns can also affect the physical condition of identical twins. There are also epigenetic factors that can affect differences in twins as the age of identical twins goes. Epigenetic factors are changes in gene expression in the body because of the response of a particular mechanism that occurs.

So, in the end, even identical twins still have DNA differences even if it's only a little.

What does it mean if the DNA is very similar?

Do Identical Twins Have Identical DNA?

Because the DNA is very similar, the identical conditions of identical twins are almost exactly the same. This means that if his brother has a genetic birth defect, chances are that his sister has the same disorder. For example in cases of dyslexia (impaired reading) or schizophrenic mental illness. If one has cancer, the twin is very susceptible to the same cancer.

However, for various diseases that are also influenced by lifestyle factors and dietary patterns, it is possible for only one child to get an illness, while the twin does not.

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