Determine Pregnancy Again Or Just One Child Only

Determine Pregnancy Again Or Just One Child Only

Determine Pregnancy Again Or Just One Child Only


Determine Pregnancy Again Or Just One Child Only

Having one or two or three children or more is not an easy decision to take. You and your partner must discuss it first, you and your partner may be different. Moreover, many considerations must be considered before deciding to get pregnant again or not.

What should be considered when deciding to have another child?

There are many things you should consider when you want to have more children or not. Having one child might make it easier for you to raise a child, but having one more child might make your family more colorful.

Before deciding to get pregnant again, you should first consider the following things.

1. Distance between pregnancies

Getting pregnant again with the range of the next pregnancy that is too close can be risky for you and your baby later. The distance between subsequent pregnancies and previous pregnancies of less than one year can increase the chances of premature babies born. Premature babies have various health risks. The distance of pregnancy more than one year can provide more opportunities for your body to recover after giving birth to the first child. So that you and your baby stay healthy in the next pregnancy.

Using contraception at least 6 weeks after giving birth is the best way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy while you are considering getting pregnant again or not. Breastfeeding your new baby can also be a natural contraception because breastfeeding can prevent pregnancy. The hormone that triggers milk production can suppress ovulation, so you are more difficult to get pregnant while still breastfeeding.

WHO recommends continuing breastfeeding for up to 2 years. Therefore, 2 years may be a good pregnancy distance for you. You don't sacrifice the needs of the first baby who is in its infancy and you can also provide better health conditions for your next pregnancy.

2. Mother's age

If you are 38 years or older and you want to have 2 children, you may not have to wait for years to get pregnant again, you can just wait 1 year after giving birth to the first child to get pregnant again. Remember, the older you are when you are pregnant, the more the risk of pregnancy you can experience.

However, if you are still under 30, you still have plenty of time to decide when to have another child or not. You can adjust the distance of pregnancy next 2 years, 3 years, or even 4 years from your first pregnancy. Pregnant again at the age of 30 and under still has a risk of low health problems and pregnancy is still easy for you to achieve.

3. Financial ability

One of the things that you should certainly consider to get pregnant again is finance. Yes, to raise a child, of course you need money. Even though money is not everything, but surely you want to raise a child in a stable financial condition. You may have to save before deciding when to have more children. This can help you plan your family's future.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of only having an only child?

Most families consider one child not enough. Many dreaming families have many children in their families. However, in line with what the Indonesian government recommends, many families also consider that having 2 children is enough.

Many families reasoned, the decision to have 2 children was taken, so that the child had a playmate or the child did not grow up to be a spoiled figure. However, according to Bill McKibben, author of the book "Maybe One: An Environmental and Personal Argument for Single Families", children tend to be better at school, especially in science, mathematics, and literature, have many friends, and have more flexible thinking about gender roles, as reported by the Baby Center.

The advantage of having an only child

The other advantages of having an only child are:

  • Children are very close and have good relationships with parents
  • Single children get the best things from their parents because parents only focus on one child
  • Single children also get full attention from parents
  • An only child does not have a problem with another sibling, it may also rarely occur in a family dispute
  • An only child will not experience competition or compare with other siblings

Lack of having an only child

Behind it all, of course there are disadvantages if you have an only child, namely:

  • An only child may feel lonely because he doesn't have a sibling as a playmate at home
  • Only children can get excessive pressure from their parents because parents want their children to be like what their parents want
  • Parents tend to be overprotective in their only child
  • A single child might get bored with parental involvement in all aspects of his life.
  • Parents only depend on or be accompanied by one child in their old age

Back again, the decision to become a parent with an only child or more is a decision for both of you and your partner. What's more, the decision to become a parent alone is a big decision. Having one, two, three, or more is just as important depending on your abilities. Remember, whatever child you have is your responsibility as a parent to raise it.


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