Depression Symptoms Like Appearing in the Morning? These are the causes and how to overcome them

Depression Symptoms Like Appearing in the Morning? These are the causes and how to overcome them

Depression Symptoms Like Appearing in the Morning? These are the causes and how to overcome them


Depression Symptoms Like Appearing in the Morning? These are the causes and how to overcome them

Basically, depression is a continuous emotional or mood disorder. As a result, you have trouble living your daily activities. The emergence of depression is strongly influenced by environmental factors such as stress and biological factors, namely the balance of brain chemicals that reduce the brain's ability to keep the mood stable. Although stress has an important role, there are certain conditions that cause depression to come on its own in the morning. This condition is called morning depression, in English, namely morning depression.

What is morning depression?

Morning depression is a symptom experienced by a person, especially a patient with clinical depression, where the mood becomes very bad in the morning.

Depressive symptoms vary. Including feeling very sad, frustrated, angry, until feeling powerless or exhausted. With the worst conditions in the morning, a person's mood will improve on its own as time goes by day and night.

Morning depression is considered the initial symptom of clinical depression. Therefore it is also known as a symptom of diurnal mood variations. This means that symptoms of depression or mood in the morning are influenced by a person's circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm itself is a biological process that regulates the work schedule of various functions of the human body. Starting from body temperature, blood pressure, and hormone production for one full day.

Why is depression so severe in the morning?

Impaired circadian rhythms are thought to be one of the causes of morning depression. This is evidenced in a study that shows people who experience depression in the morning tend to experience changes in circadian rhythms due to changes in sleep hours.

Basically, a normal human biological clock is awake in the morning and falls asleep at night. This is important to facilitate metabolism, regulate energy, concentrate, maintain balance of mood, and maintain overall body health.

The normal circadian rhythms of the body are also needed for the production of certain hormones that are in accordance with their needs. For example the hormone cortisol is produced more in the morning so that the body is more energized and the mind is more alert. While the hormone melatonin is produced when it gets dark. This is because melatonin helps the body to rest by sleeping.

Disorders of circadian rhythms or changes in sleep patterns cause the body to produce hormones at the wrong time and this can cause adverse effects on one's body and mind. Production of the hormone melatonin at the wrong time, for example, can disrupt the energy balance because a person becomes more easily drowsy and easily tired.

Depression Symptoms Like Appearing in the Morning? These are the causes and how to overcome them

How to detect symptoms of depression in the morning

Morning depression only has an effect or effect in the morning. Depression symptoms experienced tend to improve over time. Here are some symptoms that can be recognized if you experience morning depression, including:

  • Having experienced fatigue since first waking up.
  • Having trouble doing easy work like taking a bath and making breakfast.
  • Having obstacles to activity and thinking.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Very irritable and frustrated.
  • Experiencing drastic mood changes.
  • Loss of desire to do morning activities that are usually preferred.
  • Feeling empty or hopeless.
  • Changes to the morning routine.
  • Changes in the morning diet such as eating more or less.
  • Feelings of depression when the morning is very easily lost.

What can be done to overcome morning depression?

Unlike depressive symptoms in general, treatment with the use of drugs is less effective for treating depressive symptoms in the morning. However, some therapies such as counseling and light therapy tend to be more effective in dealing with depressive symptoms in the morning. The way is to focus on problems or triggers of depression as well as causes of circadian rhythm disorders.

Electric therapy or Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) has also proven effective for rebalancing the chemical composition of the brain that causes depression.

Apart from the treatment and treatment methods, here are some lifestyle changes that can be done to overcome depression in the morning.

  • Set hours of sleep and wake up at the same time every day.
  • Keep eating at regular times.
  • Reduce your nap too long.
  • Apply regular exercise. However, avoid sports distance and sleeping hours that are too close, for example less than four hours.
  • Create an atmosphere of a bedroom that makes you easier to sleep like dark, calm, and quite cool.
  • Avoid consuming substances that can interfere with sleep quality such as cigarettes, alcohol, and caffeine.

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