Come on, Detect Your Health Condition from Pubic Hair

Come on, Detect Your Health Condition from Pubic Hair

Come on, Detect Your Health Condition from Pubic Hair


Did you know if health can be detected from pubic hair? Wow, it's time you try to observe the things that happen to your pubic hair. For example when pubic hair starts to thin out, gets thicker, or can also turn white. What is the sign? Come on, see the following review.

Pubic hair extends

Extending pubic hair does not only occur due to puberty, for example in men. The hormone testosterone also triggers hair growth as a feature of their sex maturity.

However, it is important to know that the excess testosterone caused by pheocromocytoma (adrenal gland tumor) also causes pubic hair to become thicker. In addition, the pubic hair growth can also be triggered due to polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a disorder of ovarian function in women of childbearing age.

Pubic hair is thinning

The body will change according to age, not only the metabolic system or the function of organs. Pubic hair also undergoes changes, which become thinner or fall out. Quoted from Health's health website, Raquel B. Dardik, a female health specialist at NYU Langone Medical Center said that after menopause there was a decrease in growth in body hair, including pubic hair. If you experience something like this, you don't need to panic because this is normal and often happens.

However, it's different if you are still young. Thinning hair can be caused by hormones that are not stable when you are experiencing extreme stress. Stress is not only causing hair to fall off your head, but also makes your pubic hair thinner.

Hair on the pubic white

In addition to thinning, pubic hair can also turn white due to aging. So, you should not be surprised if something like this happens. Whitish hair can occur at the age of 30 to 40 years, some even appear when he was 20 years old. This can occur due to genetic factors.

Hair follicles contain melanin which is a coloring pigment in the hair, including pubic hair. As you get older, fewer follicles produced by the body. Therefore, the hair can experience discoloration due to at least melanin.

Besides aging, changes that occur in your pubic hair can also be caused by several diseases, for example:

  • Vitiligo. This autoimmune disease causes the skin to lose pigment color. In addition to hair, vitiligo can also make some areas of your skin turn white.
  • White piedra. Fungal infections of the hair can cause hair to turn white. Not only on head hair, but also on eyebrow hair, eyelashes, and on pubic hair.
  • Pubic lice. This condition is caused by an infection of small insects aka ticks that live on the skin and hair in the pubic area. They stick to the hair and usually move from person to person through sex. This venereal disease does not change pubic hair to white. However, the hair may look white because the eggs are yellow and white, and the brown fleas are white gray.

So by observing pubic hair, you can detect what is happening to the body. You should consult your doctor immediately, so you know what causes the changes in your pubic hair.

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