Choosing Good Futsal Shoes Can Be the Key to Success in the Field

Choosing Good Futsal Shoes Can Be the Key to Success in the Field

Choosing Good Futsal Shoes Can Be the Key to Success in the Field


For those of you who like to play futsal, of course you will choose the best shoes to use to improve performance in the field. Choosing the wrong futsal shoes is likened to choosing the wrong weapon. The result is losing on the battlefield. The quality of shoes should be number one, so you might choose shoes with a well-known brand or those that are used by your hero futsal players.

However, are these shoes good for the health of your feet? Here's how to choose good futsal shoes for health while increasing your performance when competing in the field.

1. Always start from the type of your feet

The type of shoe that fits your type of foot can increase your kick strength and running speed. In addition, shoes that fit on the soles of your feet also feel comfortable and good for the health of your feet.

There are three types of soles based on their footing. How to find out is to put a wet foot on the surface of the paper. Pay attention to your footprints.

If your feet are normal, the body's weight usually rests on the center of the foot. This can be seen from the wetest part of the paper. Well, flexible shoes will make the movement of the feet easier to do.

For those of you who have flat feet or overpronation, the body weight rests more on the inside of the foot. People with this type of foot can often feel sore. To reduce it, wear shoes with pads in the center of the shoe.

As for you with the foot of the supination, the body part usually rests on the outside of the foot. Good shoes are shoes that have thick pads or soles on the back and front of the foot. This is so that the footstool is balanced.

2. Choose futsal shoes with the right length and width

Futsal shoes are the same size as shoes in general. However, the shape of futsal shoes is usually slimmer and tends to release because the front end of the foot is more pointed. This is designed so that you can control the ball more easily. Good when kicking and dribbling.

The easiest way to choose the most suitable futsal shoes is to try one by one the shoes you will buy. Choose the length of the shoe that best fits the size of your foot, but doesn't touch your toe. This is to prevent injury to your toes. The appropriate distance between the toe and shoes is usually about half a centimeter.

Shoe width is also important. Of course you don't want your shoes to be too loose so that your feet shift in the shoes. Shoes too narrow will also make your feet hurt.

For those who have slimmer legs, Slim-Fit shoes will make you very comfortable. If your feet are wide, choose shoes with the type of Wide-Fit. If there is, choose shoes with kangaroo leather material so that you can spread the maximum

3. Pay attention to the ingredients of your futsal shoes

Futsal shoes can have carbon material, synthesis or skin. You should choose futsal shoes with lightweight materials.

In the upper or upper back of the shoe, leather is the best because it can follow the curves of your feet and not be stiff like a synthesis.

In the soles of the shoes, choose soft material with a rather rough bottom of the shoe. You will also remain comfortable and not slip while playing. If possible, choose shoe soles that can absorb your sweat. Because the sweaty feet are a comfortable place for bacteria.

Now, you already know how to choose good, safe and comfortable futsal shoes. Are you ready for action in the field?

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