Can You Take A Bath After Exercising?

Can You Take A Bath After Exercising?

Can You Take A Bath After Exercising?


After exercising the body will sweat more than usual. You may feel the body sweating, smelling, and sticky. Well, usually after that you might immediately want to take a quick shower. But there is a myth that says that taking a bath immediately after exercise is not recommended. So, is it really bathing after exercise is bad for health?

It's okay to take a bath after exercise, as long as ...

Bathing after exercise can help you to relieve muscle and joint pain. Besides that, the bath also helps cleanse sweat and bacteria on your skin. Then can you take a bath immediately after exercise? Apparently the answer is no.

Yes, if you want to take a shower after exercise, you must give a time lag between exercise and bathing. Don't just finish bathing right away, this is what can cause health problems.

When you exercise, the heart pumps more oxygen-rich blood to the muscles than usual. This makes the body temperature increase and the heart rate beats faster. If you immediately take a shower, the blood vessels will widen and make you vulnerable to various diseases that can strike suddenly like a heart attack.

Therefore, the most important thing you have to do right after exercising is to cool down. Cooling is required to make your heart rate and body temperature return to normal. Experts recommend cooling at least 20 minutes before you decide to take a shower.

Should you take a cold or warm water bath?

Bathing warm and cold water is equally beneficial for the body. Dr. Kristin Maynes, a physical therapy specialist in California, states that a warm bath can trigger a smooth flow of blood throughout the body, help calm muscles, and restore muscles and joints. In addition, a warm bath also makes you more relaxed after feeling tired.

While a cold shower can help the body to protect organs in the body by pushing blood to flow far into the skin. When you exercise, your heart rate will increase. At that time, oxygen demand increases and the body naturally produces lactic acid in the muscles.

This condition is normal when you are doing intense exercise, because the body relies on existing energy reserves. Well. when the amount of lactic acid increases, it will cause a feeling of burning when exercising. So taking a cold shower can be a relief from this heat.

In addition, cold showers also reduce the risk of muscle inflammation and pain caused by exercise that is too intense. Overall, a cold shower after exercise helps constrict dilated blood vessels and reduce metabolic activity which can be a cause of tissue damage and swelling.

Bathing after exercise does not threaten your health as long as you provide a respite between exercise and bathing. You can try bathing in cold or warm water to your liking. Try to perfectly cleanse the body from head to toe so that the body is free of germs that stick and keep you refreshed to carry out the next activity.

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