Can you do high intensity exercise in the fasting month?

Can you do high intensity exercise in the fasting month?

Can you do high intensity exercise in the fasting month?


High-intensity exercise has many benefits. Starting from fat burning more effectively, its duration is short, it improves heart health, it can even reduce body weight and promote metabolism in the body. However, do not carelessly do this high intensity exercise. This sport is very heavy and tiring. Then what if you are fasting? Is it possible to do this exercise?

What is high intensity exercise?

High-intensity exercise is a trendy exercise in the fitness world. In this exercise the body is made until the point is completely exhausted, hard enough so that you cannot speak during practice because it will be extraordinarily runny.

Even though it's hard, this exercise can help burn more calories with a relatively shorter training time, and also increase fitness levels. However, this exercise cannot be done carelessly. Because this exercise will exhaust energy completely. So it is necessary to prepare with the optimal body energy beforehand so as not to cause harm or harm.

Can you do high intensity exercise when fasting?

According to Dr. Javaid Shah, a specialist in Dubai sports is very important during fasting, but high intensity exercise during fasting is not recommended. Especially if done before breaking the fast.

During the afternoon before breaking the fast, the body has a reserve of energy which is running low due to fasting all day long. The body tends to have little blood sugar (energy) deposits. Meanwhile, to exercise with high intensity requires very large energy.

If your body is forced to exercise high intensity while still fasting, this will make your blood sugar or energy levels run out faster.

To get this energy back, it comes from foods or beverages that you consume. When your body does not eat enough or drink enough physical activity, the body can experience symptoms of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels).

What happens if the body is forced to do heavy training while fasting?

Can you do high intensity exercise in the fasting month?

Heavy exercise will drain blood sugar in the body faster. When blood sugar decreases and decreases, this will affect various systems in the body.

The nervous system is one system that is very sensitive to changes in blood sugar. The first neurological effects that will occur are trembling, daze, and extreme fatigue. If that has happened, this indicates that your blood sugar is really low and you need to reduce the intensity of the exercise or even stop, and consume food and drinks to replenish the body's energy.

Low blood sugar after exercise can also disrupt the digestive system. Initially you may feel very hungry during exercise, but because blood sugar is getting lower due to heavy loads, you will experience nausea and vomiting. If you experience these symptoms you should stop immediately and take appropriate precautions to increase blood sugar levels.

Lower blood sugar can affect the cardiovascular system (heart and blood vessels). The beat of the heart will beat faster and can even beat more than 150 beats per minute, sweat cold, and pale.

If this is the case, exercise is not able to be in a physical condition and instead threatens health.

When fasting, the body tends to have low blood sugar. When coupled with very heavy physical activity, the blood sugar reserves in the body will be sucked out even more. Then arises various kinds of effects that can harm the body.

Some people might do this exercise, but it's all back to each other's body abilities and how your exercise patterns are usually. For those of you who are not used to doing this type of exercise, you should not try it during fasting.

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