Can Swimming Really Increase Height?

Can Swimming Really Increase Height?

Can Swimming Really Increase Height?


Can Swimming Really Increase Height?

Having a high body is everyone's dream. Yes, a high enough height makes a person's appearance look better and can also support his activities. However, reaching a desirable height may not be that easy. Not surprisingly, many parents accustom their children to swimming exercises as an effort to increase the child's height. However, is it true that swimming can increase height?

Swimming can increase height, right?

Swimming is one of the sports that is relied upon to help increase a child's height. Many parents have taught their children from childhood hoping that children can grow taller than their parents. This is not wrong.

Swimming can be one of the best sports that can support the growth of a child's height. But, it should be underlined that it is not just swimming. Other sports can also support the growth of a child's height because when the sport of growth hormone is released by the body.

How can swimming increase height?

Swimming can trigger the release of growth hormones that support growth in height. In addition, almost all the muscles in the body are used (working) when swimming so that it can help increase the child's height. Muscles, especially the muscles of the legs, arms, spine and chest are given a lot of emphasis when swimming. This can improve muscle function and also increase energy release. Indeed, moving the body in water can be more difficult than moving the body in the air.

Swimming is also considered to be able to help extend the spine and legs, so that it can eventually increase height. But, don't forget to do stretching exercises before swimming. Preferably, introduce swimming to children as early as possible. Swimming can stimulate child growth and also bring other benefits. Swimming allows children to breathe more oxygen. This oxygen can then help the child's body to repair damaged cells.

What are the factors that affect a person's height?

Keep in mind that there are many factors that affect height (not just exercise). When all of these factors are not supported, height growth cannot run optimally. So, if you rely on swimming alone without meeting your child's nutritional needs, then the growth of the child's height will be hampered.

Two main factors that affect a person's height are genetic and environmental. If both parents are high, the child can easily reach high height. Meanwhile, if both parents are short, the child has a height that may not be far from his parents. This is called genetic or hereditary factors.

However, don't be discouraged, this genetic factor can be influenced by environmental factors. So, if environmental factors support children to grow taller, then children may be higher than their parents. Therefore, keep in mind the nutrition, exercise, and quality of children's sleep as an effort to optimize children's growth and development.

  • Good nutrition. Of course, nutrition is very important for the growth and development of children, especially growth in height. So, try to always meet the nutritional needs of children. Give children foods that contain high protein. Protein can support a child's height increase.
  • Enough sleep. Children need to sleep for at least 10-12 hours per night. During sleep, cells in the body work for the growth and development of children. Without adequate sleep, children cannot grow properly.
  • Regular exercise. Make sure the child is active. Active children can have better growth than children who only spend their time in front of the television. Sports is one of the activities that can keep children active, thus supporting their growth and development.

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