Can Preventing Keloid Growing in Scars?

Can Preventing Keloid Growing in Scars?

Can Preventing Keloid Growing in Scars?


Do you have keloids in one part of your body? He said, people who have keloids already have 'talents' keloid before or can be said to be descendants. However, if you have the 'talent', keloid can be prevented? How do you prevent keloids from forming?

How do you prevent keloids from appearing?

Keloid is a growing scar. So, when your skin is injured, whether it is scratched, cut, or bitten, the body will immediately produce protein in the form of collagen to heal and close the wound. Collagen will make the wound smooth and look like the surface of the skin before.

But people who have keloids, scars continue to 'grow' and eventually stand out like meat that grows. Generally, keloids are benign, but if the scars continue to grow, they can be at risk of skin cancer.

Unfortunately, you can't prevent keloids from forming on your scars. However, you can prevent risk factors that can make keloids appear, such as avoiding injury to the skin, avoid tattooing or piercing body parts.

If you already know that you have a 'talent' or derivative keloid gene from your family, then you can ask your doctor to inject corticosteroids when you are going to have an operation. The drug will suppress growth and prevent keloids from becoming large.

Can I remove keloid?

The keloids you have may not be completely gone, but their size can be reduced to smaller or prevent keloids from getting bigger. After all, everyone will have different side effects and results of treatment - even if they take the same treatment. The following is a way to reduce and prevent the keloid from enlarging:

  • Keloid removal surgery . One way to remove keloids from your body is to operate them. But a study published in the Dermatology Online Journal states that removing keloids by surgery will actually make it come back again with a large size.
  • Apply a gel containing silicone . This gel can reduce the size of the keloid slowly and prevent it from becoming large.
  • Inject steroid drugs . Injections of drugs such as triamcinolone acetonide or corticosteroid drugs, to treat keloids can be done several times in a span of 4-6 weeks. However, many people are uncomfortable with the pain caused when injecting this drug.
  • Freeze growing tissue . This medical procedure aims to stop the tissue that grows on the scar by freezing it.
  • Using a laser . Although there is no evidence to suggest that this method is effective in removing keloids, this method can be used to prevent keloids from growing large.

To find out which treatment is right for you, you should discuss it and consult this with your doctor. In some cases, to eliminate or prevent keloid growth, a combination of several treatments is needed. But again, this varies from person to person

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