Can Diet Only Drink Juice Only?

Can Diet Only Drink Juice Only?

Can Diet Only Drink Juice Only?


Can Diet Only Drink Juice Only?

There are currently popular diet trends relying on fruit and vegetable juices. Various reasons can be the basis for why many people use this method. In addition to losing weight, just consuming juice or a juice diet is also used to detoxify or remove toxins from the body. But, is consuming juice good for health?

Danger of diet by drinking juice only

Diets that only consume fruit and vegetable juices every day may help you lose weight. The small amount of calories in the juice makes your body have to burn the energy reserves in the body to support your activities. However, a diet with juice does not seem to necessarily have a good effect on your health. You don't really benefit when you only consume juice in a certain time. Why?

1. Contains low protein

You are advised to consume various types of food in an effort to meet your nutritional needs. However, if you only consume one type of food in a certain period of time, this certainly makes it difficult for you to meet your nutritional needs.

One of the nutrients you find difficult to fulfill when doing this method is protein. Yes, fruits and vegetables only have a little protein content. So, you may experience a lack of protein when you only consume fruit and vegetable juices every day. This is certainly detrimental to your health. Why? Because protein is needed to increase your body's immunity and muscle regeneration. Lack of protein makes you more susceptible to disease, and your muscle mass can be reduced.

2. Makes you hungry easily

If you plan to go on a diet, just consuming juice every day makes you not full, so you are tempted to eat other foods. Juices only contain small amounts of fiber and protein. In fact, the fiber content in juice can disappear up to 90%. In fact, fiber and protein can make you full longer. Not only fiber and protein, other nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables can also be lost or damaged.

In addition, the texture of liquid juice also makes the body not aware that there are calories that enter. Research has found that the brain does not respond to liquid calories in the same way as it does when solid calories enter the body. This might make you continue to feel hungry.

3. Contains low calories

When you are on a diet, the minimum number of calories that you have to enter into your body is 1200 calories. If it is less than this amount, you are at risk of experiencing certain diseases, such as gallstones. Fruit and vegetable juices certainly contain fewer calories, even though you consume them many times a day. If you only eat fruit and vegetable juices for 10 days, your body may be able to interpret this as starvation so that the body will respond by slowing down your metabolism. This certainly can disrupt your normal metabolism.

4. Causes side effects

Fulfillment of nutrients that can make you experience side effects. Some of the side effects that you might feel because just consuming juice are fatigue, headaches, bad breath, hard thinking, moodiness, stomach ache, and starvation. You may also experience digestive problems, such as diarrhea.

Only the juice is not good for those who have diabetes. It can disrupt your blood sugar levels. Women who are pregnant or nursing are also not recommended for diets with juices. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, you need a lot of nutrients that may not be fulfilled only from the juice. People with immune system disorders, heart disease, liver disease, or kidney disease are also advised not to go on a diet or detox juice.

People who detoxify with juice may think this method can help their body to release toxins. However, there is no convincing evidence that toxins or harmful compounds in the body can actually be released when you detoxify with juice. Actually, your own body already has a special mechanism in removing toxins in the body. So, you don't really need juice for detoxification. Eating whole fruits and vegetables will have a better impact on you, than just consuming juice.

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