Can Asthma Cause Difficult Pregnancy?

Can Asthma Cause Difficult Pregnancy?

Can Asthma Cause Difficult Pregnancy?


Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease that can make breathing difficult. When a person has asthma, there will be inflammation of the airways which causes temporary narrowing of the airways that carry oxygen to the lungs. This causes asthma symptoms, including coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and tightness in the chest. If it is severe, asthma can result in decreased activity and inability to speak. Some people call it "bronchial asthma."

How does asthma affect fertility?

People who suffer from asthma may experience health problems in other organs that are not connected to the respiratory system, and this is caused by inflammation caused by asthma. A study conducted at the Bispebjerg University Hospital in Denmark found that women with asthma were less fertile than women who did not have asthma.

Scientists say inflammation that is a sign of asthma has been shown to affect other organs outside the respiratory system. This inflammation may change the blood supply to the uterus, which will damage the ability of the egg to be implanted in the uterus.

Although the researchers say that asthma affects the "speed" of conception, it does not mean that women who have asthma cannot experience conception. In fact, the researchers found that women with asthma had the opportunity to get the same number of children as women who did not have asthma. One possible explanation is that women who have asthma have children at a young age.

How do you handle this?

If you are trying to get pregnant and you have asthma, contact your doctor so that he can arrange an examination and treatment. Try to make an appointment as soon as possible, if you have to adjust your medication to your efforts to get pregnant.

Asthma medications are mostly declared safe for pregnancy. So, you can use one of these drugs for consumption, and even if you end up pregnant, you can continue the treatment you did. Your doctor will give you various choices.

If you are a smoker and have asthma, now is the time for you to quit your smoking habit. Ask your doctor about a program to stop smoking that can help you.

Regardless of the effect of smoking on your womb later, smoking can indeed aggravate your asthma. The more severe your asthma is, the greater the chance of complications in your baby.

Rest assured that many women who have asthma can have a healthy pregnancy, and the risk of compilation will be very low if your asthma is controlled.

When your pregnancy test results are positive, hurry up and contact your doctor. Asthma symptoms will usually change during the pregnancy. Your asthma can start to heal or get worse, and your doctor will adjust your dosage depending on the state of your asthma.

It is very important to get balanced healthy care, because controlling your asthma during pregnancy can help your baby in the womb to develop properly. Being free of asthma attacks during pregnancy can reduce the risk of:

  • Mild birth weight
  • preeclampsia
  • morning sickness aka severe nausea
  • Premature babies


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