Beware, Research Reveals the Dangers of Liquid Vape for Heart Health

Beware, Research Reveals the Dangers of Liquid Vape for Heart Health

Beware, Research Reveals the Dangers of Liquid Vape for Heart Health


Beware, Research Reveals the Dangers of Liquid Vape for Heart Health

Electric cigarettes or vape, it is claimed that users and producers are healthier than other tobacco or kretek cigarettes sold in the market. This is caused by tobacco smoke from cigarettes commonly thought to cause lung cancer. The smoke component is a carcinogen (can cause cancer) that can cause lung cancer, while nicotine itself has not been confirmed as a carcinogen.

Vape is a cigarette containing liquid vape or liquid with various flavors and not using tobacco. Then there is no nicotine contained in it? Wait a minute, the vape liquid still contains nicotine extracted from tobacco. The difference is, this liquid is also mixed with various kinds of flavorings.

So do not be easily provoked by advertisements that promise liquid vape to be healthier than ordinary tobacco cigarettes. A recent study reveals that liquid vape might threaten your heart. How can it be?

Liquid vape can also endanger heart health

A study headed by heart specialist Dr. Holly Middlekauff from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in the United States (US) proved that vape can actually cause various dangers to the body. According to Dr. Holly Middlekauf, this is because there is still a nicotine content in liquid vape.

In nicotine vapor from a liquid filled vape, it is found that there is an increase in the production and levels of adrenaline hormone. If it's been left alone for a long time, this could potentially increase the risk of a heart attack and sudden death.

Nicotine will trigger the production of adrenaline hormone. In the body, adrenal hormones will usually only increase if you are threatened or stressed. This hormone will then increase the heart rate so that blood can flow more profusely to all parts of the body. Because the heart is forced to work too hard, eventually there is a dangerous risk such as a heart attack. Especially if you use liquid vape continuously or regularly. The risk will continue to rise.

Beware, Research Reveals the Dangers of Liquid Vape for Heart Health

Abnormal heart rate results in a liquid vape study

Basically researchers are also not sure, whether this heart health problem is caused by nicotine in vape or other chemicals contained in vapor vapors that come out. So to find out this, Dr. Holly Middlekauff and her team tested 33 healthy adults who did not smoke to use vape and other types of cigarettes.

The participants were tested in the laboratory three times, by smoking and exhaling smoke from vape or other types of cigarettes for 30 minutes. Also, please note that each trial session uses a different cigarette. First use liquid vape that contains nicotine, second with liquid vape without content (free) nicotine, and finally with a tool similar to electric cigarettes even though there is no content.

As a result, researchers found an abnormal pattern of adrenaline levels after smoking with liquid vape containing nicotine. Nicotine creates a big change in heart rate rhythms by 20 percent and an increase in heart rate by 10 percent.

In addition, according to Aruni Bhatnagar, spokesman for the American Heart Association, the findings are a clue that shows some side effects of using liquid vape that can increase heart rate and blood pressure.

Avoid smoking for your heart health

Christopher Allen, senior heart nurse at the British Heart Foundation, explained that smoking can cause severe damage to all parts of the body, especially increasing the risk of a person's heart attack or stroke. He also believes that vape or other electronic cigarettes have not been regulated by the dosage of other chemicals contained in it. So that it is undeniable that this can also add more health risks, similar to the dangers of regular tobacco smoking.

Therefore, the safest way to protect yourself is to stop smoking. Whether it's electric or not. However, if you are using an electric cigarette for a special purpose such as quitting smoking, choose vape that does not contain nicotine.

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