Beware, Exhaust Smoke and Street Dust Exposure Can Damage Sperm

Beware, Exhaust Smoke and Street Dust Exposure Can Damage Sperm

Beware, Exhaust Smoke and Street Dust Exposure Can Damage Sperm


There are many things that make it difficult for couples to get pregnant, including low sperm quality. In addition to congenital factors, there is a possibility that sperm abnormalities can also be caused by things from the outside environment that damage sperm. One thing to look out for, especially for Adam who lives in big cities, is air pollution. Yes. Not only is it bad for breathing, a decrease in male fertility also contributes to air pollution - which is often not realized.

Impact of air pollution on sperm quality and male fertility

When we talk about sperm quality, there are three important factors that are of concern, namely sperm count, sperm shape, and sperm movement. If there is only one abnormality of the three factors, then the risk of infertile or even infertile men can increase. Sperm cells take about 75 days to grow and mature, so poor quality sperm can affect your fertility.

So what is the connection with air pollution that accompanies your daily life? Many! Long-term exposure to air pollution can cause sperm counts to drop dramatically. Because the testicles cannot function properly unless the temperature is cooler than other parts of the body. If the testicular temperature rises to more than 37 ° C, sperm production can be disrupted. Climate warming aka global warming is the impact of uncontested air pollution.

This increase in ambient temperature allows your testicles to be trapped in excessive heat, coupled with other habits that you might do. For example, using tight pants or sitting too long in a hot place, for example when driving a bus or truck. Emotional stress when faced with the rigors of the road also can affect sperm quality, because the high hormone cortisol can disrupt the hormones responsible for your fertility

In addition, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, factory chimney smoke, and street dust contain many chemicals that are harmful to health, including the male reproductive system. Take for example lead, cadmium and mercury. When it enters the body, a number of toxic chemical compounds cause oxidative stress and free radical reactions that can interfere with the composition of DNA, proteins, and fat membranes from sperm cells, thus disrupting sperm shape.

Apart from reducing the amount and disrupting sperm shape, the effects of air pollution over time also disrupt sperm motility or movement. In fact, sperm cells must be active and fast moving in order to fertilize the female egg during its fertile period.

What should I do then?

Living in a big city doesn't make you afraid that it will become infertile. The impact of air pollution on decreasing fertility requires a long exposure time, maybe for years. You can reduce the risk by always wearing a mask to block out air pollution that can be inhaled into the respiratory tract. In addition, deter free radicals from the surrounding environment by multiplying eating fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants, as well as regular exercise.

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