Benefits of Crossfit Exercise for Health

Benefits of Crossfit Exercise for Health

Benefits of Crossfit Exercise for Health


Benefits of Crossfit Exercise for Health

CrossFit burns more calories in a very short time. According to a recent study from the American Council on Exercise, women burn an average of 12.3 calories per minute when they do Crossfit exercise, while exercises such as jogging on a treadmill can usually only burn 8-10 calories per minute. We need to know that this type of exercise is a good exercise to keep your body fit and also make someone familiar with aerobic exercise and basic strength training more challenging. So, what benefits can we get if we do this exercise?

Benefits of Crossfit training

1. Improve heart health

Your heart rate will remain high during exercise, which can increase your heart's endurance. In fact, data from an American Council on Exercise study showed that participants' heart rates increased by 90% from maximum heart rate (HRmax), which was maintained for two exercises. Guidelines in the fitness industry suggest (HRmax) between 64 and 94 percent in order to increase cardiac endurance. The scientists also found that everyone can increase the level of oxygen in their body by doing intense exercise.

2. Burn lots of calories

As mentioned above, one of the biggest benefits of CrossFit is its effectiveness in burning large amounts of calories in a short time, according to Heidi Jones, a head coach in New York. One CrossFit session generally lasts 10-20 minutes on average, but your metabolic rate (the rate at which you burn calories) remains high, even until the exercise ends. So, your body will continue to burn fat even though you are resting.

3. Increase joint mobility

This is the result of various kinds of functional movements involved in Crossfit training. Not only do you do simple biceps exercises, but also while moving your feet in all different directions. In addition, by learning the right way to lift heavy loads from the floor, and hold them above your head, the risk of injury in everyday life is significantly reduced.

4. Improve overall health

CrossFit was created to focus on the main things, such as stamina, strength, coordination, flexibility, endurance, speed, agility, balance and accuracy. This is achieved by building neurological and hormonal adaptations throughout the metabolic pathways in the body. The combination of movements that are very diverse can lead you to a total change in the quality of your personal life.

5. Fun

Daily exercise called WOD (Workout of the Day) will always be different, so you will not feel bored due to doing the same exercise from day to day. In CrossFit, you will topple a tire, lift barbells, do gymnastic movements, do pull-ups, etc., and because it can be adjusted, everyone of all ages and abilities can do it.

6. Meet more friends

This exercise can create new community groups, according to Will Lanier, a New York CrossFit general manager. Whether you like it or not, if you have joined this exercise, everyone is family. And because of that you will get more friends, which can keep you motivated to take part in the practice. Many times in the gym there are many groups of people who randomly focus on different exercises, according to their preferences. However, in Crossfit practice, everyone has the same goal to get the best body shape.

7. Improve lifestyle

By being surrounded by people who care about fitness and health, it will be difficult for you to give up on an unhealthy lifestyle. Before you even know it, you will release your junk food snack for something more healthy. For example, instead of meeting someone for lunch and coffee, you will choose to meet someone at the gym.


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