Benefits of Brotowali, The Bitter Herb That Has Many Health Benefits

Benefits of Brotowali, The Bitter Herb That Has Many Health Benefits

Benefits of Brotowali, The Bitter Herb That Has Many Health Benefits


Have you ever consumed brotowali herbal medicine? This traditional Indonesian herbal medicine is believed to help cure various diseases. Even though it has a bitter taste, brotowali can actually benefit the overall health. What are the benefits of Brotowali?

What is brotowali?

Brotowali is included in traditional medicinal plants that have been used for many years by many Indonesian people to cure diseases, one of which is diabetes. Brotowali which has the Latin name Tinospora crispa is a plant of the Menispermiaceae family. This plant is found in Southeast Asia and northeastern India.

What are the benefits of Brotowali?

Brotowali contains lots of phytochemical compounds that can protect you from various diseases. Some phytochemical compounds contained in brotowali are alkaloids, flavonoids, flavones glycosides, triterpenes, diterpene, diterpene glycosides, phosphiterpenes, lactones, sterols, lignans, and nucleosides. Lots of research has been done to explore the benefits of brotowali. But unfortunately little has been done to humans.

Some of the brotowali benefits seen in these studies are:

Helps treat hypertension

In Indonesia, brotowali is believed to help reduce high blood pressure. In a 2013 study conducted in mice reported that some ingredients in brotowali can reduce blood pressure. In addition, brotowali can also inhibit atherosclerotic activity, so it can protect your heart health.

Brotowali can delay the development of atherosclerosis in blood vessels by reducing levels of total cholesterol, triglycerides and low density lipoproteins. The antioxidant properties of brotowali can also protect the health of the heart and blood vessels.

Helps control diabetes

Not only in Indonesia, in other countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Guyana, Bangladesh and India, brotowali has been widely used in the treatment of diabetes. Animal studies and cell cultures have shown that brotowali can stimulate insulin production from beta cells in the pancreas. Brotowali can also increase glucose absorption by muscles. So, brotowali can help control diabetes.

Treating skin diseases

Aside from being drunk, brotowali can also be used as an external medicine to treat skin diseases, such as scabies. Strong antioxidant and antiradical properties contained in brotowali are proven to help treat skin diseases.

Against allergies

Reporting from WebMD, extracts of the Tinospora cordifolia species show significant efficacy in reducing sneezing and itchy nose due to allergies. In addition, brotowali also helps reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion and itching due to allergies.

The use of excessive brotowali can be dangerous

Although brotowali is an herbal plant that has many health benefits, the use of excessive brotowali is reported in causing liver and kidney poisoning. Research conducted on rats showed that brotowali extract at the highest dose, which is 4 g /kg body weight or equivalent to powder brotowali of 28.95 g /kg body weight, has the potential to cause poisoning of the liver and kidneys.

So, it is recommended that you avoid using brotowali in high doses for a long time. If you experience signs of liver or kidney poisoning after drinking brotowali herbs, you should stop using them.

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