At what age does the human brain reach the peak of intelligence?

At what age does the human brain reach the peak of intelligence?

At what age does the human brain reach the peak of intelligence?


Many say that getting older, the brain's performance will decrease. While childhood is a golden time in which the human brain is sharp. However, apparently the researchers had other answers to the question at what age did the human brain reach the peak of its intelligence.

At what age is the best performance of the human brain?

As one of the vital organs, the human brain has countless functions. Therefore, to assess at what age your brain is reaching its peak, you must look at each of its functions.

The problem is that the development of the human brain is so complicated. There are several parts of the brain that are still developing, while there are other parts that have been perfectly formed since childhood. Every part of the brain is certainly responsible for regulating certain functions.

For example the brain part, the frontal lobe. This section will work to regulate cognitive functions, namely speaking and speaking. While the amygdala is a part of the brain that regulates your emotions and feelings.

So, for each stage of different ages, there are certain types of intelligence that are at its peak. More details, see the following review.

Age 7-8 years

This is the golden age for children who want to master many foreign languages. According to experts, you really should start introducing children to foreign languages ​​as early as possible. Even since he was 3 years old.

However, the child's ability to learn and master a foreign language will peak when he turns 7 or 8 years old. Unfortunately, according to various studies, the ability to learn foreign languages ​​will decrease after the child enters puberty.

Age 18 years old

At this age, the ability and performance of the brain to process or process information will reach its peak. This is proven in a study in the journal Psychological Science in 2015. Therefore, the age of 18 years becomes the ideal time if you want to learn new knowledge or skills.

Age 22 years

You have a hard time remembering the names of people you have met? Well, apparently at the age of 22 the human brain is able to remember more names of your acquaintances. Therefore, it's likely that you forget who your acquaintance's name has become smaller at this age.

Age 31

If the best age to remember your acquaintance's name is 22 years, then the best age to recognize people's faces is 31 years. A study in the 2011 journal Cognition successfully proved it.

You might have forgotten the names of people you know. However, you can immediately remember you've met someone before and where the meeting was at that time, only from his face.


Human intelligence often only peaks when you enter your 40s. This is measured by your ability to create or find a new idea.

Just note, the average Nobel prize winner in the field of science and Mathematics is in his 40s. Albert Einsten, even though he was only 26 years old when he first formulated the formula E = mc2, received his first Nobel Charter when he was 43 years old. Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple, a large technology company from the United States, also launched a breakthrough in iPod and iPhone products in their 40s.

This theory was successfully proven in a study by the National Bureau of Economic Research in the United States in 2014. So, don't worry if you haven't succeeded in creating a breakthrough in the field you are currently working on. Maybe your golden age hasn't arrived yet.

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