Are There Smoking Limits Still Allowed?

Are There Smoking Limits Still Allowed?

Are There Smoking Limits Still Allowed?


Many people say that they only smoke occasionally, for example, one stick per day. In addition, there is also the term social smoking or those who smoke only when they are gathering with friends. Actually, what is the safe limit of smoking that is still allowed, so it will not cause disease?

What happens to the body when I smoke?

Smoking is known by the public as a big factor in death in the world. Health hazards of smoking have been known to have a lot, both asthma, lung infections, oral cancer, throat cancer, lung cancer, heart attack, stroke, dementia, erectile dysfunction, and so forth. In fact, as you know, smoking is not only dangerous for the smoker, but also for those around him.

David Currow, a Cancer Institute lecturer from New South Wales, Australia said in ABC Australia that there are a number of things that happen to your body when you smoke, including when you smoke cigarette smoke once.

  • Even if you feel relaxed when you smoke, your blood pressure and heart rate increase and blood flow to the capillaries decreases.
  • Carbon monoxide in the blood increases and so the oxygen level decreases.
  • Fine hair on the respiratory tract will be damaged because chemicals in cigarette smoke and small muscles in the respiratory tract will continue to contract.
  • The immune system (immune system) weakens and shows changes.

Medically, what is the safe limit for smoking?

To find safe smoking limits, researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, evaluated 800 studies on smoking habits. From these studies, the researchers found a conclusion that was quite astonishing.

For those of you who smoke one to four cigarettes per day, here are health risks that might occur.

  • The risk of lung cancer increases 2.8 times greater
  • The risk of esophageal cancer increases 4.3 times greater
  • The risk of gastric cancer increases 2.4 times greater

In fact, for those who only occasionally smoke, the death rate or death rate is 1.6 times higher than those who don't smoke at all. This research was published on the Harvard University website.

Russell Luepker, a professor of cardiology from the University of Minnesota School of Public Health in Minneapolis, United States says on WebMD it is not safe at all for people who only smoke occasionally.

Cliff Douglas, who is the Deputy Chair of the American Cancer Society, explained in the organization's official website that the difference between not smoking at all and smoking is only very dramatic. He said that the risk of cancer and other life-threatening diseases remained significant even though you were a smoker with a low intensity of smoking. In other words, actually there is no safe smoking limit .

How to avoid the health risks due to occasional smoking

Quitting smoking is the best and most effective way to avoid health risks if you are among those who rarely smoke.

There are now various ways to quit smoking, ranging from psychological therapy, hypnosis, to using independent methods. Remember, you who rarely smoke have a greater chance to stop this habit immediately. Because, your brain and blood are not too contaminated by harmful substances from cigarettes that make addiction.

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