Are the costs of plastic surgery covered by health insurance?

Are the costs of plastic surgery covered by health insurance?

Are the costs of plastic surgery covered by health insurance?


Plastic surgery is usually done to change or add something less to the body to make it better. Not a few people decide to do plastic surgery even at exorbitant prices. Moreover, there are now many health insurance companies that can cover your health care costs. However, is it possible that the entire cost of plastic surgery is borne entirely by insurance?

Can health insurance cover the cost of plastic surgery?

Maybe what you all know is that plastic surgery is only aimed at people who want to beautify or change their physical appearance. Even though the reality is not that simple.

Quoted from the Detik Health page, Dr. Ferdinand, Sp. BP, a plastic surgery specialist from Eka Hospital Pekanbaru, explained more about this. According to him, surgery or plastic surgery is actually divided into two types, namely surgery for cosmetics or aesthetics and surgery for reconstruction.

Plastic surgery for beauty purposes, it is more often done on people who are actually healthy but feel less physical appearance. That's why they choose a shortcut by doing plastic surgery.

Either with the intention to increase the size of the lips, sharpen the nose, widen the eyelids, to enlarge the breasts, and so on. Well in this case, no insurance company, both government and private, is willing to bear the costs of this plastic surgery.

The reason is mainly because the policies that apply in each health insurance company, mention that there are a number of operating costs that are not borne by the company. One of them is an aesthetic or cosmetic operation.

In short, if only you want to eliminate or change the physical form that is not too dangerous or disruptive to health, then the cost of plastic surgery cannot be borne by any health insurance party.

Are the costs of plastic surgery covered by health insurance?

Plastic surgery costs can be covered by insurance if ...

Surgery or plastic surgery is indeed priced at a low cost. Moreover, because sometimes one operation has not been able to meet the criteria for the shape of a dream limb. It took several follow-up operations to get ideal results, which would eventually be very draining.

Although the insurance company refused to cover the cost of aesthetic surgery for aesthetic purposes, this was not the case for the cost of reconstructive plastic surgery. Reconstructive plastic surgery is a plastic surgery that is performed to improve body shape, to support health while improving overall body function.

For example in people with congenital disabilities, congenital abnormalities, burns, severe accidents, and various other diseases that can affect a person's physical and medical condition. Well in this case, usually the insurance party is willing to bear the costs of plastic surgery in accordance with procedures, policies, and collective agreements.

Why is that? Back again, each insurance company has its own insurance policy. Which means, not all rules in each company will be the same.

Take for example, there is an insurance company that wants to bear functional reconstruction plastic surgery due to an accident with a maximum period of 30 days after the accident. On the other hand, there are also insurance companies that only want to bear plastic surgery to support body health, but that is not the result of an accident.

In essence, all insurance companies have policies to regulate and limit health care options for each insurance participant. So as an insurance user, you have to really understand what the main provisions apply.

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