Apparently Often Making Love Can Make Ageless. This is the reason

Apparently Often Making Love Can Make Ageless. This is the reason

Apparently Often Making Love Can Make Ageless. This is the reason


Isn't that right, he said, if you make love often make you young? Now, a study from Edinburgh Scotland Hospital found that someone who has sex three times a week can make him look almost 30 years younger. This is due to 3 underlying underlying factors, a healthy lifestyle, the genetics are young, and because they often make love regularly.

Why do you make love often last longer?

Having regular sex with your partner with passion and love indicates that you are in a happy time. Of course happiness during sex can reduce the level of stress and anxiety that can be a source and disease seed for an unhealthy body condition. Well, when you make love, it will keep your physical and mental health awake and protected.

In terms of physiology, often making love makes it youthful also does have certain reasons. The release of the body's hormones that come out during sex will release testosterone and growth hormone which will make the skin glow and prevent acne from growing. But scientists also believe that when making love with a partner, which is also a commitment to channel love, the effect is more lasting than those who have sex without affection.

Frequently making love makes you young, but there are also many other benefits

1. Sex makes your skin glow

Diligent love turns out to increase your immune system and can improve blood circulation, both of which contribute to displaying light and brightness on your skin. Frequently making love also increases estrogen levels in women which prevent excessive dry skin so that women look older.

2. Stess and anxiety decrease

Often making love can actually reduce stress levels and anxiety in the body. Being intimate can reduce stress and anxiety. When the body experiences stress is a major contributor to premature aging. Furthermore, when often making love can release hormones such as oxytocin and dopamine which are known to be useful in reducing stress levels.

3. Making love makes your muscles and body healthy

Having sex twice a week also indicates that your body is physically active. Well, besides that when making love requires you to move and do a handful of efforts that involve your muscles. Some experts also state that sex increases the release of human growth hormone in women which can help them increase muscle mass. This is true if you often exercise and eat foods that are rich in nutrients.

4. When making love, your facial skin will be healthier

Sex helps balance hormone levels and thus also reduces the appearance of hormonal zits. When having sex will improve blood circulation which helps the skin remove toxins and help the skin get nutrients. Then your immunoglobulin level will also increase, imoglobin levels are an antibody that can counteract inflammation in the body.

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