Angguan Disruption of the Reflecting Movement ’Makes Both Hands Always Move Together

Angguan Disruption of the Reflecting Movement ’Makes Both Hands Always Move Together

Angguan Disruption of the Reflecting Movement ’Makes Both Hands Always Move Together


Have you ever seen someone who always moved both hands together? If the right hand moves, the left will do the exact same movement without being able to control it. This, usually called a mirror movement disorder or congenital mirror movement. Curious? See the explanation below.

What is a mirror movement disorder?

Mirror movement disorder is a rare condition in which one of the limbs, for example a hand, moves itself or makes a movement, then the other hand will follow the movement as if the hand is a shadow in the mirror.

Someone who has a mirror movement disorder will generally suffer from this disorder from a baby or early age. If a person has this disorder, his daily life will be a little difficult to live with. Examples such as cooking, brushing your teeth, playing the piano, or typing.

One of the hands that does this activity is indeed assigned to move the nervous system. But the other hand? The one hand of the song will be voluntary or reflexively follow the hand movements in charge of doing something earlier. They may experience discomfort or pain in the upper limbs during long-term hand use.

The cause of a mirror movement

Dr. Guy Rouleau, a research professor at Montreal University in Canada, stated that mirror movement disorders are a rare and confusing phenomenon. Movement that often occurs in infants, especially holding one hand or kicking with one leg, will make the other leg or hand move together simultaneously. But, if it occurs in a baby, generally these reflexes will disappear as they grow and will not last until adulthood.

In most cases, the severity of this mirror movement disorder varies significantly, sometimes even in some family members. This disorder can be caused by changes (mutations) in the DCC (deleted in colorectal carcinoma) gene or RAD51, genes are inherited automatically dominant.

Recently, Rouleau and colleagues identified two families in Iran and Canada, suffering from mirrored movement disorders until they were adults. This usually occurs when the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, and vice versa. However, if a person's DCC gene is damaged, the tissue from the brain's control center can remain on the same side, not deviate. Well, the result, when the left context sends commands to the right hand, the left hand will be commanded and finally both hands move together.

After a handful of studies were carried out, the researchers showed that this DCC gene codes for the nervous system stimulation for neutrin (a protein involved in the process of developing neuronal nerves). Then during brain development, neutrin shows the growth of nerve tissue that passes through the opposite side of the brain, so two nerves move together.

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