After Using Sex Toys, 4 These Things Must Be Done For Health

After Using Sex Toys, 4 These Things Must Be Done For Health

After Using Sex Toys, 4 These Things Must Be Done For Health


Using sex toys with a partner or alone can indeed increase pleasure. However, after using various sex toys, many people are negligent to maintain cleanliness. Even though cleaning after or even before using sex toys is important. What should be done after using this support tool? Come on, look carefully at the explanation here.

What should be done after using sex toys?

1. Clean before or after use

As mentioned above, it is mandatory to clean sex toys, both before and after use.

If you want to use it, clean it according to the instructions for use and according to the sex toys. After washing, it's best to dry it first using a towel or aerated. Using wet and moist sex toys can pose a risk of fungal infections and other dangers to your sex organs.

Well, after using the sex toy, you have to wash it again. Sex toys used in the mouth, anus, or other body parts must also be cleaned thoroughly. Use warm water or hot water (above 70 degrees Celsius) to wash your toys. Then, dry it thoroughly and save it back in a clean place.

Note also the scratches or abrasions on sex toys. It is feared this could be a place where bacteria and germs live so that it can increase the risk of infection.

2. Put it in a safe storage

After being used and cleaned, it's time to store the sex toys in a safe and hygienic place. It is important not to throw away the packaging box for sex toys, because there is usually tissue or cloth wrapping the product. You can keep the sex toys on the packaging or the wrapper for a few moments, until you find a safe and clean container.

You can also store the sex toys in a drawer. If you have more than one toy, try each toy coated with cloth so that you don't touch each other or rub against each other. Do not forget to also not put various sex support devices into plastic containers because the BPA content in certain plastics is feared to stick to toys and can be dangerous for health.

3. Remove the battery if it is not being used

If you use sex toys that use a battery, always remove the battery when you don't use it. Because if you do not remove the battery, it can drain the power of the battery itself even if you do not use it constantly. Moreover, this can reduce product durability.

4. Clean genitals

Just like having sex, after using sex toys it's good that you still have to clean each other's genitals. Switching germs and bacteria from toys to your vagina or penis can increase the risk of fungal transmission and sexually transmitted diseases.

Clean your intimate organs using warm water, and don't forget to dry them with a soft tissue or towel afterwards.

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