A Myriad of Miracles for Marula Oil for Body Beauty Care

A Myriad of Miracles for Marula Oil for Body Beauty Care

A Myriad of Miracles for Marula Oil for Body Beauty Care


Marula oil is the result of extraction from the seeds of the marula tree (Sclerocary birrea) originating from South Africa. At first, marula was a food ingredient because of its delicious sweet taste. It was only during the last few years that this fruit was processed into a superior oil that offers a range of beauty benefits for the skin. Know the myriad of benefits of marula oil in this article.

Various benefits of marula oil for skin beauty

Quoted from various sources, here are a myriad of benefits of marula oil which is a pity to miss.

1. Moisturizes the skin

For South African women, marula seeds are often used to protect their skin from hot and dry weather in the area.

Marula oil can be used on all skin types, from dry, oily, to sensitive skin. This is because marula oil is useful for moisturizing dry skin, will not clog pores, and does not encourage excessive oil production on the skin.

The content of palmitic fatty acids in marula oil will increase the ability of the skin to maintain moisture. While the oleic fatty acid content has the unique ability to penetrate the skin layer to the deepest. This makes marula oil more effective in absorbing the skin than other types of oil. Not only that, the light and easily absorbed texture can moisturize the skin without leaving any residual oil on the face.

In addition, marula oil has soothing properties, making it very well used to prevent irritation and redness in people with sensitive skin.

2. Prevent aging

Often increasing age, the body produces more free radicals. Coupled with free radicals that come from environmental pollution, UV light, and industrial chemicals, the effects of free radicals can cause oxidative stress to the body. As a result, your skin is prone to premature aging.

The high content of antioxidants and fatty acids in marula oil is able to neutralize free radicals, reduce oxidative stress in the body, and prevent aging. Marula oil works to increase skin elasticity, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Not only that, the moisturizing effect of marula oil can also disguise fine lines due to aging.

3. Remove facial marks

Aside from moisturizing, the antimicrobial ingredients in this oil can help eliminate all types of stains on the face. Not only that, this oil has also been proven to be able to fight pathogens that often cause acne.

4. Other benefits

Besides treating facial skin, marula oil also has benefits for other body parts. This oil can be used on the lips, hair and nails. Dry and flaking lips can be treated with marula oil so that the texture becomes softer and has a natural pink hue.

For those of you who have brittle nails, this oil can also strengthen nails and nourish their cuticles so they look healthier and more beautiful. As for hair, marula oil will nourish the scalp and coat your hair so that it is protected from the dangers of sunlight and heat dryers and curlers.

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